What we're about

Hi everyone, welcome to the tribe! For more information on our goals and to download our manifesto, please head to http://www.colindellis.com/tribe . The Hangout is an informal gathering of people dedicated to improving the culture of delivering projects and services!

Wherever you work (or don't!) the Hangout is for you!

Our emphasis is on emotional intelligence, teamwork and ensuring that great communication remains at the heart of organisation culture. We'll stay away from tired old topics and focus on the future. The meetings are engaging, fun and the ideas shared can be put into practice immediately.

What the group is:

• Forward thinking

• Social

• Diverse - in terms of views and membership

• Focussed on challenging traditional views and methods

• Embracing of new technologies and ways of communicating

What the group is not:

• Cynical

• Negative

• An old boys club

• An arena for business development or job seekers

• Fixated on the mistakes of the past

It doesn't matter whether you have 50 years or 5 minutes experience, if you're interested in being part of a tribe (http://www.colindellis.com/tribe) that is changing the way we get things done, we want to hear your views.

See you there!

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How to Present to Senior Management
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The first hangout of the year will happen in March 2017 when we'll be talking about how to get the best out of senior management. As requested by lots of you, we're moving away from Meetup, so please ensure that you check out the hangout details and RSVP here (http://www.colindellis.com/hangouts/2017/3/29/project-management-hangout-auckland-march2017). To automatically be notified of upcoming meetings, please sign up at http://www.colindellis.com/boom See you there! Colin

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How to Manage Poor Performers

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