What we're about

This is meet up without any certain purpose
So anything can be talked and shared.
We happen to meet someone and just talk what you want to share.


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Free Meet Up!

Namba OIOI (called Namba Marui)

It's all free meet up There is no subject and admission fee. I'm studying economics in one university in Kansai I will invite my friends, so if you are foreigner like me you can learn Japanese from undergraduate students in Japan! And if you are a Korean learner, you can learn it from the native speaker Because I am Korean. Anything can be talked, we can do! Such as going to tsuruhasi and eating some Korean foods , Visiting tourist spots in Osaka, trying to eat Japanaes local food. このミットアプは自由がテーマです。 僕は今関大で経済学を勉強している留学生です。 国際的な経験を積みたくてこのミットアプを開きました。 参加費はないです。 なにをするかはまだ決めてないです。 一応韓国語が勉強したいとか美味しい韓国料理に食べたと思う方はぜひ参加していただいたらと思います。