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You are an empty-nester and are ready to enjoy your retirement. Your children may worry about you (like I worry about my mom) or not and you want to meet new people, expand your circle and have some good laughs with other empty-nesters. Meet monthly to go shopping and have lunch or meet for breakfast, or maybe sit outside for some afternoon ice cream and a walk. Hey there may be a nice show to see or a day down to the beach...if the group grows...maybe an overnight trip somewhere within a few hours. A few times a year, there may be some mother-daughter fun dates. This is a an easy-going group with no intense expectations. Join! Come out for lunch and see if this is for you.

Who this group is for...Retired women over 65 who are looking for other retired women to dine with, enjoy social functions, and maybe go see a show!

Yes, the organizer is not 65 but is semi-retired, but am forming this for my mother who is retired and enjoys all of these things.

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Meet and Greet, Chat and Chew

Brickwall Tavern

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