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Hey Hi, all MeetUp buddies. Are you new to Hong Kong? Do you know the Chinese/Hong Kong culture? Do you wish to learn Mandarin or Cantonese? Do you wish to enjoy your life in Hong Kong as well?

We are Happiness Group.We are a group of people from Hong Kong and China who wish to exchange our languages and cultures with foreigners! In this group, you can meet different people from all over China and Hong Kong; you can get to know more the history, current status, cultures and funny stories about different cities and provinces in China and Hong Kong; you can also learn Chinese through a great varieties of activities.

We are currently holding Cultural Exchange Night every Wednesday. Our organisers provide a beautiful venue served with free tea/coffee and snacks. Occasionally, we organise other outdoor activities such as hiking and BBQ as well!

Cultural Exchange Night is hosted by Happiness Group and run by volunteers and participants (YOU GUYS!). You could choose to do the cultural exchange in Mandarin or in Cantonese (It is completely up to you). Most of our tutors are young, vibrant and energetic Chinese students who are currently studying in Hong Kong. The event usually provides 1 to 1 tutoring with extensive learning materials about 10-20 people every week. We welcome all levels of people to join our cultural exchange!

*********Here are some Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) *********

1. Who will you meet in Happiness Group?
You can meet people from Hong Kong, China and our past participants came from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, USA, UK, Indonesia, Morocco etc.

2. What levels of languages do I need for the event?
We welcome people with all levels of languages skills from beginners to advance level. All of our volunteers and organisers speak English, Mandarin and/or Cantonese.

3. What do I need to do before coming to the event?
Leave us a sweet message if you were new member. Tell us more about what are your aims, which languages you wish to learn and generally tell us your levels of that languages. With these information, we could organise a better and enjoyable event for everyone!

4. Do I have to pay for joining the event?
The answer is NO!!!!! What? Why? Our organisers are a local couple, Nancy and Owen who wish to help Chinese mainland students to get into this international city of Hong Kong.Happiness Group believes that cultural exchange greatly represents the richness of diversities in Hong Kong. So The lovely couple would support all the cost of events incurred.


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