What we're about

You can find and discover your inner peace and joy in this group. Happiness is boosted. Depression and anxiety are relieved. You can connect with other people and make friends. Most people in pain find relief.

Most meetings will include laughter:) We'll practice gratitude. Breathing exercises will be included. We will do meditations. Deep relaxation at the end.

Laughter helps you bond with others. There will be time before and after meetings to talk with people. You can make new friends. We will often connect with nature and the deep peace that is there. Meetings that at my home are in a beautiful desert setting.

Generally the cost is $5. That is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, it is free.

If you sign up for an event and need to cancel, please give 24 hours notice. If you can't give 24 hours notice, then please give as much as you can.

I created this group to help people experience happiness and peace. To help people relieve and breakthrough depression and anxiety. It is fulfilling for me to help people to smile. To have someone stressed to become relaxed. To have someone sad feel joy. This makes me feel good and that is what this group is about:) I believe there are things you can do to enjoy your life. If you are grateful, deep breathe, laugh and meditate Daily you can breakthrough depression and anxiety and become happy! If you are happy, gratitude, breathing, laughter and meditation will boost your happiness.

I am a depression and anxiety breakthrough specialist. I do sessions in this group to give back to the community.

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