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Experience happiness. Find and discover your inner peace and joy. Relieve depression, anxiety, stress, fear and pain. Be present. Access your inner child. You'll be relaxed. We practice gratitude. We'll laugh a lot. We'll do breathing exercises. Meditation. We'll do different practices to help you enjoy your life. Laughter Yoga will be used. You can make new friends. Boost your immune system. Feel great! You can be energized by the breathing exercises. The event cost is $5. You'll experience peace, joy and relaxation or the event is free for you.

Laughter sessions will be offered. In those sessions, we'll do activities that bond people. We will do introductions with laughter so everyone gets to know each other a little. Victor Borge said that laughter is the shortest distance between 2 people. There is space before and after events to talk with people and get to know each other. This group is for people who are open to happiness, peace and laughter.

We'll have at least one meeting per month.

Integrity is important in this group. If you are going to come to a meeting, then please sign up. If you are not sure, please wait to sign up until you are sure you are coming. If you need to cancel, please do it 48 hours before a full event or 24 hours before other events. Thanks:)

I promise to support you in having a peaceful and happy life.

My website is http://PeaceForYouGuaranteed.com

My Facebook page is Facebook Peace For You (https://www.facebook.com/Peaceforyouguaranteed/)

I wrote a book on enjoying happiness and peace. It is at Amazon: Happiness Handbook (https://smile.amazon.com/HAPPINESS-Handbook-Depression-Delight/dp/1517757126/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500504948&sr=8-1&keywords=happiness+handbook+twomey)

Jim Twomey is the organizer. I am a happy person who experiences joy and relaxation everyday. I share with you what helps me. I am a happiness and peace coach.

Joy, Peace and Energy Daily for you in 8 Weeks-Guaranteed.

I help people breakthrough depression, anxiety and stress in an 8 week program. People's lives are transformed. Pain is reduced. Relief from loss. People have less frustration. People become content and satisfied. Some people become happy:). People have more energy. Everyone feels relaxed. It is fun. An inexpensive phone support program is also available. You will experience peace, joy laughter and relaxation daily. Everything is guaranteed or your money back.

I also relieve people's pain and help them heal. I use a low level laser. This is FDA approved for pain relief, inflammation reduction and increased blood flow. Back pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, post-surgical pain, injuries and much more can be helped. Some pain can be cured. No side effects. You can receive a free healing session.

I also lead groups and do public speaking. We started the Tucson Laughter Club in 2004. My intention with this group is to improve people's lives. And I also am about supporting my family. There is a charge for services beyond the regular meetings. I am married and have an 10 year old son. I love people:)


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Laughter and Relaxation Session

Inspired Healing

Boost your happiness. Find your peace and joy. Depression and anxiety relieved. We'll be grateful, deep breathe, laugh, meditate and do a deep relaxation. Free. Jim Twomey has been leading laughter sessions for 14 years. He also helps people breakthrough depression and anxiety (guaranteed) with individual coaching.

Laugh Your Way to an Enjoyable Life

My home near Swan Road and River Road

We will be talking about and doing different ways to boost your enjoyment of life. This is a happy event:) Anxiety, stress, depression and pain will be relieved. We'll start in nature. We'll do some gratitude. There will be lots of laughter:) We will also do some breathing exercises and meditation to help you experience peace and deal with stress. And we'll do a deep relaxation at the end. $5. I'll send out my address 1 week before the event. [masked] I have been leading laughter sessions for 14 years. I also help people breakthrough depression, anxiety and physical pain.

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5 Powerful Ways to Feel Joy and Peace Daily

My home near Swan Road and River Road

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