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4 Boys & 4 Girls Badminton - 7 pm - 9 pm Ngau Tau Kok Sports Centre
Level: Beginner Quotation: 4 Boys and 4 Girls Fee:$40 Per person Players: 8 REGISTRATION If you are the first time joiners, please WhatsApp your mobile phone no. to the host, Chris,[masked]. 假如你是首次參加這組別的朋我,請PM 你的 聯絡電話給場主。 In case you cannot attend this activity, please cancel registration 24 hours prior to the event start date. 如有事不能出席,請於活動開始 24 小時前取消參加此活動. Please do not make annoying to give technical guidance to other players! Be respect the other players! 為尊重別人,不要在場不停地指導其他波友打波的技術,以免騷擾他人,造成黑面情況! It is not First Come First Serve. The host may adjust the attendance list to balance the level if necessary, please don’t be offended. And thank you for your understanding! 為了平衡各場參加者的水平,場主有權調整出席者名單,多謝明白及體諒!

Ngau Tau Kok Road Sport Centre

182 Ngau Tau Kok Road · Hong Kong