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What we’re about

This group is operated by Advocacy Unlimited Inc, 2/11/2022.

Are you interested in holistic healing?  Are you looking for support?  Do you want to experience deep relaxation?  Then, join our group! 

Here are some of the things we're passionate about:
-emotional and physical healing,
-qigong and tai chi,
-spiritual growth,
-making art,
-spending time in nature,
-cultivating empowering relationships,
-community building,
-and having fun!
If you share some of these passions or are curious about them, we hope you will join us!  
This Meetup publicizes classes, workshops, and support which take place at Toivo, a center for holistic healing and stress management in Hartford.  

For a comprehensive listing of our offerings at Toivo, go to
***We have many community members who are not a member of this Meetup.  Even though a Meetup may only have one or a few RSVPs, there will be more people who actually attend the Meetup.  If you're interested in a Meetup, don't let the small number of RSVPs deter you from going.***

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