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We are Canada-wide collective of amazing women leading happy, healthy and successful lives! We believe that all women can be happy, healthy and abundantly successful in every area of their life, and together, we make it happen by sharing experiences, connections, thoughts, brainstorms, ideas and laughter. We hold consistent events, and offer opportunities for women to step up into leadership, blaze a trail, and promote their business and/or themselves as experts! Check out our opportunities here: https://happyhealthywomen.ca/pages/join-us

This group is for:

• Women Entrepreneurs
• Women interested in Health & Wellness, and looking to meet those with similar interests
• Dreamers, Doers, Achievers, and those who want to GROW personally and professionally
• Women who are trying to navigate a shift in their lives towards greater happiness and health

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Welcome to Happy Healthy Women! We have one mission, to empower women with more happiness, health and success! We use many vehicles to share that mission and we are so happy you are here! www.happyhealthywomen.ca

Upcoming events (5+)

Wine and Align: Ancaster

1242 Garner Rd W

In my business, I say that wine is a visionary tool. :) Let's enjoy a glass together (or favourite beverage of choice) while we get to know each other better and and connect. I like to be a "connector" of people, so I think it's important to know what resources are available in our community to spark more clients, sales, referrals, to educate and empower women in our community. Find us in the "car" in the middle of the pub or in the back room to the left. It's at Pub Fiction. This event is free, but please RSVP so I know where best to get us seated!

Money Mindset Power Hour: Ancaster

1242 Garner Rd W


Two of the most common business questions I get are: How much should I charge for my products/programs/services? How do I manifest more money and put that plan into action? The masculine side of me will coach you through knowing exactly what to charge based on your systems, training, expertise, background. The feminine side of me will teach you how to visualize, manifest, and then reverse engineer a money in your pocket plan based on how many people you serve and busting through limiting beliefs. It's money mindset manifestation time! Come ready to dive into learning and analyzing your business so you can walk away with a game plan to get more clients and sales in your business. We'll be located in the "car" booth in the middle of the restaurant, or in the back room on the left based on attendance. It's at Pub Fiction.

Game Night For Women Business Owners: Ancaster

1242 Garner Rd W

Entrepreneurs who bring "play" into their business are more profitable and productive. I know that books clubs are very common, but I'm a mover and shaker, and honestly, I don't always have time to read a book when I'm in the thick of client work, sales, or content creation. So let's grab a glass of wine (or your favourite brew or beverage), play, network, build connections, foster teamwork, and have fun together. It can't be all work and no play! I won't release the game we're playing until you're there. Curiosity also fosters profitability, but I can guarantee you, it will be some of the classics. (Also open for suggestions if you have a great game.) Location: Pub Fiction Cost is free. Please RSVP so I have an idea of what game to organize.

Websites that Convert Power Hour: Ancaster

1242 Garner Rd W


Are all websites created equal? The answer is NO, but there are some basic bare bones necessities that must be present to get your website to convert. It's a myth that "if you build it, they will come." In this workshop, I'll walk you through a deep dive into the anatomy of a converting websites from: 1. Sales psychology- what motivates people to buy/ or not buy. 2. Imagery and Branding 3. Content and Call to Actions 4. Variations of your "about me page" and how to make it all about the customer 5. Whether you need a full website or a landing page 6. Security do's and don't. We'll grab our favourite beverage and dig in. Bring your laptop if you'd like me to individually give feedback about your current site or if you don't have one built yet, you'll want this info to save you lots of time, energy, and money. Location: Pub Fiction Cost: $20.00 Find us in the "car" booth in the middle of the pub or in the back room depending on the participation size.

Past events (1)

Round Table Business Blitz and Coaching: Ancaster

1242 Garner Rd W


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