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Welcome to Happy Hikes around Hwy 199. The purpose of this Meetup Group is to invite locals, visitors, and tourists to interact with all that SW Oregon & NW California has to offer. This Group will also bring like minded outdoor explorers together for exciting and thrilling adventures.

We'll be wandering through the Siskiyou/Rogue River/Six Rivers/Umpqua National Forests/county and BLM lands and everything in between including the famed Kalmiopsis Wilderness. We'll take on challenging activities as well as more relaxing events that visit some very mesmerizing phenomenal places. We'll hit trails old and new and even a few that aren't on the map! Our intention is to write descriptions for calendared events that prescribe a trails difficulty ahead of time. That way you'll know what to expect.

This Meetup group is for everyone of any skill level to join and or visit. Our activities will center on hiking trails that surround Highway 199. Hwy 199 lays in a valley that stretches from Crescent City to Crater lake, between the Applegate Valley and the Pacific coast. If there are other activities you want to do, let me know and we'll get them scheduled.

"We're having way too much fun!"

We live by the motto, "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."

And don't forget the sunscreen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI

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Experience the Portland band MarchFourth

Rogue Theatre

Please come join me and take in a band like you've never seen before. Yes, I know this isn't a "hike, walk, stroll, meander, or even a ramble", but this is a phenomenal way to re-energize our weary bones after a trek. I've seen this band several times now and I can't see them enough! Let's help ensure this sells out fast. Come with a smile on your face and be prepared to have WAY TOO MUCH FUN! MarchFourth is an internationally-acclaimed, genre-breaking FORCE in the world of entertainment — a sonic explosion delivered by 20 musicians, dancers, and artisans who travel the world, year-round, taking audience members of all ages, from all walks of life, on a joy-inducing, foot-stomping, booty-shaking, soul-stirring journey that defies categorization. Imagine if you will, a group of post graduation Marching Band members, dipped in steampunk, with a bit of circus attire found, continuing their craft. The sound is unbelievable, ground shaking, positive, and motivating. Coming off the trail exhausted and flat out, this band is the prescription! At the evenings end, you are likely to stand there with a grin on your face with one thought on your mind... Let's do it again! With exceptional musical quality and a visual kaleidoscope of stilt walkers, hoopers and Vaudeville-style dancers, MarchFourth whips audiences into a celebratory frenzy with an over-the-top spectacle of high-energy compositions, colorful costumes, and irresistible charisma! This is not a band that simply “puts on a show.” MarchFourth delivers a multi-faceted, indelible experience of pure joy. This performance will be at the Rogue Theater in Grants Pass on Oct 2 at 8:00pm. Everyone is responsible for their own ticket or tickets. We are going to have, more fun, than you can imagine! Now I had better get to work and find a hike to do today. See you there! As always, leave your frowns, pets, smokes, & weapons at home.

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