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Welcome to Happy Hikes around Hwy 199. The purpose of this Meetup Group is to invite locals, visitors, and tourists to interact with all that SW Oregon & NW California has to offer. This Group will also bring like minded outdoor explorers together for exciting and thrilling adventures.

We'll be wandering through the Siskiyou/Rogue River/Six Rivers/Umpqua National Forests/county and BLM lands and everything in between including the famed Kalmiopsis Wilderness. We'll take on challenging activities as well as more relaxing events that visit some very mesmerizing phenomenal places. We'll hit trails old and new and even a few that aren't on the map! Our intention is to write descriptions for calendared events that prescribe a trails difficulty ahead of time. That way you'll know what to expect.

This Meetup group is for everyone of any skill level to join and or visit. Our activities will center on hiking trails that surround Highway 199. Hwy 199 lays in a valley that stretches from Crescent City to Crater lake, between the Applegate Valley and the Pacific coast. If there are other activities you want to do, let me know and we'll get them scheduled.

"We're having way too much fun!"

We live by the motto, "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."

And don't forget the sunscreen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI

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Canthook Creek section of the Kelsey Trail

Hiouchi Visitor Center

OK, we know what we're up against. It's going to be a trek through Heaven, BUT there will be a constant set of obstacles on this trail #2E23. I've set this trail as all downhill, but do wear clothing that is appropriate to being torn and getting dirty. There will be a constant fight against crossing huge fallen trees and face level brush all the way. Ha, at days end, before the uphill climb to south Fork Rd, we have to cross the South Fork Smith River. We're going to get wet against deep swift water. Be ready for that.

As always, you know by now. Carpe Diem, let's make this happen! Failure, ha ha, is not an option. Do bring a saw or clippers or something please. Boots do dry out.

Who's buying tonight? I want a BIG crab sandwich! Now let's go make this happen!

I hope to be done well before 6:00pm I'm just giving us this time to take all this in. This really is an attractive trail with lots of WOW, isn't this cool spots! SMILE! click

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Let's visit Little Falls

Needs a location

Wait a minute, it's the 13th isn't it?!
Ha ha, well, yes. Here. But where I come from the 14th is almost over.
Smiles, I come from the Land Down Under and that magical place is over the date line, forwards. This whole day it's been the 14th where I come from so we're going to use that to stretch our good fortune and this favorite Holiday of mine. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Tomorrow I'm taking the group to Waters Creek because it is so close to Love Station, OR. Today let's go to the other side of Love Station to celebrate! We're celebrating both sides of Valentines Day so let's have fun on both sides of Love Station.

Today we visit Little Falls. In and of itself it's fantastic any time of year. This is also a popular swimming spot, well maybe not in February though. There are countless little things to observe all over this trail from the botany, the rocks, the minerals, and the sights it gets pretty dizzying pretty quickly. And yes, you'll find Love is in the air.

Another pretty cool feature about this area is the longer Jeffrey Pine Loop trail that extends itself for us today if we should so wish. An opportunity to stretch our legs a little bit more.

As always, leave your frowns, weapons, pets, & smokes at home.

So do bring your valentines and get them stamped on both sides of Love Station, OR.


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, Let's walk the Waters creek Trail


Today we are sauntering on this historic Valentine's Day,

----->1,143rd HIKE! <-----

WOW!!!!!!!! That's 1,143 hikes and lots of thousands of miles! Somebody get me a glass of water quick!

To celebrate Valentine's Day 2022 let's visit one of the most romantic trails in Southern Oregon, "Water's Creek Trail"! This trail is the closest trail to "LOVE STATION", Oregon. Yes that's a real town! It's right between "Wonder" and "Happy Camp". I visited Love Station a little bit ago and spoke with the present owners. It was a good visit and we laughed quite a bit. I got a good history lesson from them.

At this location we also have "Options"! If you're wanting a flatter wheelchair ready dirt trail we have a quarter mile loop to do in an Enchanted Forest, but if you want a longer three mile stroll through a Magnificent Magical Forest with lots of ups, downs, what's around that corner, & more, this trail is for you! There are benches on both trails, and yes at the trailhead there are toilets available. Be safe and bring paper.

This trail is known for it's beautiful spring flowers and Gnome homes. Gnome homes?! Keep your eyes open, you'll never know what you're going to see.

Bring cards for your Sweet-Heart on this trail and get them post marked at the one and only "Love Station"!

As always keep your frowns, pets, smokes, & weapons at home.


Wishing you the best from "Love Station, Oregon"

We're having way too much fun!


Today is a day for DOUBLES, It's 2/22/22


So let's go to the one trail around here missing a 22.
That would be the Limpy Creek Trail, trail #1133. All the trails near here with a 22 in their number are deep in the woods, behind very snowed in roads.

So let's go celebrate today! It's Twosday 2/22/22 and we'll be on the trail at 2:22:22pm. Here's the part you will not believe, we will not celebrate this date again, with all twos, on a 2sday, until the year, 2,222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222. WOW!! This is your once in a lifetime shot! Make it count.


It's time to double down on something. Ha, here at Limpy Creek there are actually, that's right, TWO trails. Things just keep getting better.

As always, leave your weapons, smokes, frowns, & pets at home.

If you can think of anything to add to this Twosday, shout it out and let's do it.

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