!Happy Hour Friends and Fun! 20ish to 40ish

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What we're about

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We are a social group of people, mostly 20ish to 40ish, who want to make more friends,Face to Face away from the computer, and do fun activities

Most events are social in nature. Such as mingling over wine or cocktails in the evening for a few hours, say 7:00 till 11:00, and are focused on making friends, Face to Face. We are open to singles, couples, and in between. We will occasionally do other activities like dancing, Hikes, movies, concerts, lunches, picnics, street fairs, community service projects, and workshops. We want to attract people with social skills that are fun and friendly, young at heart, active, easy going, and adventurous for events in the Chicago.

So, if you want to make more friends, Face to Face, or do fun activities, come join us!!!