What we're about

Welcome to "Happy Mates"

What is real happiness all about? What is Being Happy for You ?

"HAPPY" here mean

H-Hobbies , A-Adventures, P-Passion, P-Parties & Y-Youth in you.

Passion/Hobby is a fierce animal. It runs wild within us. Every time it calls, we are consumed by it madness. It's a feverish drive, fundamental to everything we covet and there's no greater rush than living your passion/hobby.

In our college/school day most of us would recall pursuing our passions with innocence and abandon.

-Bunk for Movies

- A monsoon trek

- 3am coffee and maggie at highway

- Bike/car Rides

- Travel/Picnic with friend with games Antakshri , Bamsharas...

"HAPPY Mates" gives you a chance to renew that lost ardour. our fundamental idea is to create a platform where you can find like-minded people for your hobbies, interest and passions in life. We Offen dream about experiencing and exploring a Hidden passion but very few take the step to life their dreams. We always say "One Day I will do it ". Happy Mates Gives you that one day to Create and experience the best moments in life.

Now How we all can make this community bigger and better. Anyone want to create an event for following can contact me on 9920321224

Hobbies :- If Can be Anything eg, exhibition of your collection , Cooking , Reading & story discussion

Adventure :- Adventure Activities ,Adventure Sports , Camping, Trekking ....

Passion :- Sports meets, Bike/Car Rides,

Party:- Club, Disc, Wine & Dine party

Youthfulness :- Any thing else to keep youth in you alive.

We also believe in peaceful co-existence and letting each one of us thrive without impinging on free will and right of others. Hence there are a few guidelines which each one of us is expected to adhere to:

1. Respect your RSVP: We value your time and expect you to value others' time too. If you are unsure of attending a meet up, do NOT RSVP. If your plans change after you have RSVP'ed promptly change your RSVP. If you are unable to change your RSVP, please make the effort of calling the event organizer in advance or texting him/her about your change in RSVP. If there are 3 no shows, we reserve the right to revoke the membership of such members.

2. Be a sincere participant: We expect all members to attend at least one meet up in 3-6 months. If you do not RSVP and attend any meetup in 6 months time, we assume that you do not wish to participate in the group and hence, we may remove you from the group.

3. Treat others with respect: No inappropriate language, rude/unkind remarks or personal comments please.

4. No greetings on profile and calls for friendship.

5. No unsolicited emails/calls: Please do not call/email other members with unsolicited business/friendship etc. We monitor the group very closely and any complaint against you from other members regarding inappropriate contact/harassment or unsolicited contact with result in revocation of membership.

6. Sharing of phone number/email: We will not share your email/phone number with anyone without your permission. You are responsible for sharing your contact details with other members and any exchanges outside the group.

7. Show your real self: We expect you to use your real name and photograph in the profile. Pseudonyms may not be used. Please use an identifiable photograph in the profile.

8. Share and care: We encourage you to share your skills, talent, knowledge, wisdom, learning, beauty and experience.

9. Have Fun: We believe in spreading beauty and fun and expect that you will experience loads of fun in our group.

Make your life beautiful and keep spreading happiness.

Hope See you guys Soon....As We Say

"Hum Hai Raahi Pyaar Ke ...Phir Melenge Chalte Chalte ..."

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