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Heya Minions :) In the recent days many Minions are sending me some good suggestions & ideas for the meetup & it is really great to hear from everyone which helps us to have a nice meetup in cool places. So if you have any sort of suggestions or ideas for our meetup, you can share it here in the comment section. If some one suggested a nice event & if others are interested to do that then you can comment under him/her. I will consider everyone's suggestions & try to organize the meetups. So let's hear your cool ideas... Be crazily happy, ARwin ;)

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    If you are looking for a nice friendship with different people to have a happy & memorable time then this is your place :) I will do my best to make the meetings more friendly as possible so there is no need to worry about being shy or nervous :)


    I am starting this group to have a nice circle of friends & get to know each other well. As most of the meet-up group meeting will have lots of people & few may not get involved in the conversation or fun. So this group will hold different meet-ups & the maximum people will not be more than 15 - 20 so that everyone can mingle well & have a nice time because not everyone can get along well because of the shyness or nervousness if there are lot of people in a meeting.

    MAINLY YOU WILL BE INTRODUCED TO EACH & EVERYONE WHEN YOU COME FOR A MEETUP :) Also I will make sure you have a friendly space to interact with others.


    > meet for a coffee or a drink

    > weekend travelling to some county

    > a relaxed walk to a park or some nice place

    > weekend cinema

    > many different & cool tours and so on

    Everyone can share their suggestions and we can create an event based on that. It's mainly to meet different people, make a good friendship & to be happy. So all ideas are welcome :) Also there is no age restrictions in the group because I strongly believe that age is in our hearts not the one in the records ;)

    More than my fancy words, the following pictures will tell you about this group ;)

    While coming to our meet-up, don't be worried or nervous thinking that you are gonna meet some strangers instead think as you are gonna meet some friends that you have never met before ;)

    So come & join with other Minions & let's have a crazy happy time :)

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