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If you live in Utah County, you're living in "Happy Valley". If you REALLY want to feel HAPPY, come to our Happy Valley Workshops and Events.



The overall purpose of our various workshops and events is to help us feel comfortable in our own bodies and in our interactions with others. To free ourselves of physical and emotional shame, guilt and fear related to our interpersonal relations and sexuality. To be more authentic, transparent and open. To relate consciously with our friends, partners and lovers. To be Happy.


These parties are all about non-sexual touch and communication. All nice, kind, caring, respectful adults are welcome to come and experience the "oxytocin" high of tender touch.


Cuddle Party is a short workshop in non-sexual touch, boundaries and communication, followed by a couple of hours to put what you’ve learned into practice by enjoying and exploring touch. (Think hugs, foot rubs, back rubs, spooning and just general non-sexual snuggling.)

Though touch is natural, the skills that make it welcome and enjoyable have to be learned. Skills of communication, boundaries, asking for what you want, and saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with clarity and kindness. Cuddle Party is led by a trained and certified Cuddle Party Facilitator (www.cuddleparty.com) (http://www.cuddleparty.com). The Facilitator’s job is to guide you into those skills gently and easily, in a fun, safe and light hearted way. We welcome you and create an atmosphere of respect, and remain available for questions and support.

Some people are already comfortable with touch and can’t wait to be in a place where that’s OK. Others aren’t even sure they want any touch at all, but come to explore some communication skills. Others are just curious about what it might be like. Whatever your reasons, a Cuddle Party is a great playground for discovering more about yourself, for exploring new ways of connecting with others, or simply enjoying a relaxing, cozy evening with other cuddly souls.


We humans need touch and affection. Nurturing, welcome consensual touch is good for you. Good for your body, heart and spirit. Good for your blood pressure, your nervous system, your emotional health, your ability to connect with and trust people, your ability to respect and care for yourself, your creativity, sense of safety and comfort and belonging.

The skills you learn at Cuddle Party translate into every day life, right from the start. When boundaries and consent are clear, every relationship is easier.


We open with a Welcome Circle - about 45 minutes of introductions, rules and a few games to help everyone get comfortable. We teach communication and boundary skills in ways that are lighthearted and fun. You learn to ask for what you want, practice saying 'no', and agree to the Cuddle Party rules. Then we open up for ‘free-style’ cuddling. Cuddle Parties are non-sexual events. Everyone remains clothed in comfortable clothes or pajamas. You have plenty of time to relax, chat, share a back rub or other welcome touch, cuddle, have a snack or just hang out.


Our culture often encourages us to put forward an image of ourselves that hides many of our true desires and passions. Those hidden aspects of ourselves become our "shadows". Much of our happiness can be stifled because we try to hide our true selves, while at the same time attempting to satisfy our "shadowy" desires without being noticed. Conscious relating is about learning to be real. It's about being transparent, open and vulnerable. About communication, boundaries and allowing. It's about turning our shadows into our allies. Being real is being Happy.


Spiritual Sexuality is realizing that our bodies and our sexuality were divinely given to us and are fundamentally good. It is endeavoring to enter relationships as whole individuals, without emotional baggage, shame, guilt and fear surrounding our bodies. It's learning to develop and integrate our inner healthy masculine and feminine. It's about being free to fully give and receive love - thereby being truly Happy.


Learn tools and information for using creative energy to heal, regenerate, transform and manifest.


Active meditation is all about movement, sound and breathing, with music and guidance. We'll begin with introductions, information and dancing. You will be invited to have a question to ask in your mind throughout the meditation. During the meditation you will be guided through the seven chakras, learning their characteristics and impact, internally asking your question to each. In the end you will rest and integrate the answers received from each chakra. We'll close with a circle and be given the option to share our experience with the others.


Tantra is a path for discovering our true nature. It teaches us to accept ourselves and what is arising in each moment without judgment, to be more present, joyful, and compassionate beings. Tantra is a spiritual path that believes all of life is sacred, including the human body. In fact, Tantra celebrates the body as a temple. As we learn to be more present in our bodies and open our senses, we begin to expand our awareness and discover that our bodies have the power and wisdom to inform us about our needs, wants, desires, and how to have them met in healthy ways. As we come to love and enjoy the body we also learn to see beyond the limitations of our form and recognize our true nature as Awareness. While many religions see the body as a barrier to spirit, Tantra sees it as a doorway. Sex is the doorway to life, it is how we are created. Sex can also be a doorway to communion with the Divine. Tantra is a broad path that includes our sexuality instead of denying it. When we examine religion and spirituality at large, we find that most paths place restrictions on the body and on its expression as Divine in form. In particular sex and sensuality are often associated with evil which leads to sex being associated with shame, guilt and fear. Tantra teaches us that sexual energy is our life-force energy and helps us remove the shame, guilt and fear that is often associated with our sexuality.

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Active Meditation with Friends!

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