• Avoiding The Most Common Issues That Destroy a Great Relationship

    A new relationship usually begins with the hope and promise of something wonderful - a beautiful connection and the happy ever after ending that we all crave. But then things somehow begin to go awry, and we start to question whether this person is really 'the one' after all. Often it appears as though our partner is deliberately trying to annoy us, upset us, or even hurt us, but the truth is we are all just desperately trying to get our deepest needs met. And we all have different needs, and different ways of meeting those needs, and if you are not meeting them then it is a recipe for trouble in your relationship. As a relationship coach I see many of the same issues arising again and again. In this meetup I will explain what those issues are, and how you can make sure that you avoid, or at least minimise, these in your own relationships. Some of the problem areas we will cover include: - Communication issues - Excessive conflict - Unrealistic expectations - How we filter things to suit our view of the world - Values conflicts - Honesty and trust - Forgiveness, and - Physical Affection And I will reveal the single most important thing that both men and women can do to ensure their relationship remains vital, strong and healthy (and they're not the same!). The start time for this event is 7pm, and the presentation will begin at 7.30, so come early, grab a drink from the downstairs bar (or have a meal if you like), and come upstairs and grab a seat and meet some new friends. I look forward to seeing you all there! ***This is a free event***