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Seeking happiness, friendship and fun? We combine the science of happiness with in-person social activities to reconnect our disconnected world. 😜 Join us for hiking, volunteering, eating out, laughter, concert-going and more ...


Want to do something fun but can't tear friends and family away from couchpotatoism? Lack of physical activity and isolation pose a health hazard. We're the antidote.

So join our activities or post your own under "discussion" to find interested others. Want to see a movie tonight? Post it here.

Want to go hiking, dog-walking, eat out, take the SpaceX shuttle? You know where to find others now. No strangers here just potential friends. We're a welcoming and friendly group, but no bad behavior, please.

Why boost happiness?

Scientists have proven happiness benefits your health, family, relationships, and community well-being. Plus it boosts creativity and work productivity. We all want to be happier but it's not always easy.

Why not?

Happiness takes work.


Yeah, it's true.

Just like hitting the gym to build muscle, we need to work to build happiness, which is why we created this Social Gym. We’re replacing boredom and loneliness with happiness, friendship and fun. Join us ...

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πŸ˜€Happiness 101 Class - Free


Details Happiness 101 is an uplifting class where you will learn HOW to be happy, meet like-minded people and learn to break unhappy habits. Most people believe the myths of Happiness and therefore spend a great deal of energy chasing it, only to end up disappointed. Scientific research has now revealed the things that actually bring us Happiness. Even better: you can start being Happier NOW. Topics covered: *The Myths of Happiness *The Happiness Setpoint *Why You Are Not Happy *What Happiness Is (and is not) *How and Why You Sabotage Your Happiness *Thinking Errors *Happiness Habits *The Paradox of Choice *The Hows of Happiness *Also: how exercise, sleep, social connection, money, beauty, the self-help movement, fame, the brain, American culture, religion, marriage, anti-depressants, anxiety, smiling and meditation relate to Happiness What to Expect: Your level of happiness (and depression) will be tested each time you come to class thus tracking your level of positivity. You will discover your signature strengths and the optimal happiness habits through diagnostic instruments. Happiness 101 free class taught monthly. You will be given many suggestions of activities to do between classes including exercises, view videos and reading. We HIGHLY suggest you purchase The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky and bring it to class. This is a suggestion, not a requirement. Following the first hour of class, students will be given the opportunity to participate in social exercises to connect with other students and learn even more about Happiness. The application process has been eliminated. You need not RSVP or pay anything. Just bring a pen and paper and the desire to be Happier.

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