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WELCOME! Join us and meet with other local people who are interested in benefiting from the timeless wisdoms and modern science-proven Tai Chi and Qi Gong body-mind-spirit practices for happiness, health, harmony and personal evolution! It has become even more needed and meaningful at this special time in history...

WHAT'S HAPPY TAI CHI™?: Created by Master Dr. Jennifer Yu, The "Momma Panda", HAPPY TAI CHI™ = HAPPY + TAI CHI = Science-based Positive Energy-NeuroPsychology + Universal Tai Chi Principles. As a group, we practice HAPPY TAI CHI™ Mindset, Diet, Pose-Move Meditation for happy, healthy and harmonious living.

WHAT'S TAI CHI & QIGONG? You may already know Tai Chi and Qigong as slow-flow, no-impact therapeutic exercises that reduce toxic stress, anxiety-depression and chronic pain and promote better health, inner peace and longevity. Both have many styles or schools of teaching. While Qigong cultivation tends to be even more meditative and directive for healing, Tai Chi exercise yields better balance, coordination & resilience, and can add martial art applications, weapons and sparring to become Tai Chi Chuan training...

But you may not know that Tai Chi is foremost a special set of timeless and universal Principles running our world secretly. Knowing and applying it in our mindset and daily lives can lead to profound higher vision-productivity, inner balance-resilience and personal wellness-fulfillment.

CLASSES OFFERED: 1) We currently have one FREE 60-min "HAPPY TAI CHI™ - Poses & Moves" live video class on Google Meet every Saturday morning at 10am, EST Time. You can join us on your smart device from anywhere. Families and guests are always welcome! *As this pandemic ends, the in-person class will resume at Sanborn Square, downtown Boca Raton, FL and be offered at other cities too. 2) We also offer practices of Healing Qigong from China's Wudang, Emei and other lineages as well as traditional Tai Chi Chuan from a direct lineage of China's Yang Family. We have weekly in-person classes on Tuesday & Thursday evening and Saturday morning for both beginners and advanced students, with safe distances. *Live Streaming class on Google Meet is also available. You can join us on your smart device from anywhere. Meetup.com will notify you all of our group classes and events. 3) Private one-on-one training with Master Dr. Yu and other certified instructors are also available by appointments.

TUITION: *If in hardship, any donation is fine or for FREE! Otherwise, 1) In-person: a) 60-min classes: $15/class or $125 for 10 classes, $125/month unlimited 60-min classes; b) 100-min classes: $20/class or $150 for 10, $150/mo unlimited 100-min classes. 2) On Google Meet: a) 60-min classes: $10/class or $75 for 10 classes, $95/month unlimited 60-min classes; b) 100-min classes: $12/class or $95 for 10, $95/mo unlimited 100-min classes. *Payment via Zelle to 561-866-0852, or in cash or check to 'Happy Tai Chi".

INSTRUCTOR COURSE, SEMINAR & RETREAT: Master Dr. Jennifer Yu also provides instructor courses, lectures or seminars, in-person or via Zoom/Google Meet, both locally and internationally. She can be scheduled at event@happytaichi.org. *Annual HAPPY TAI CHI™ Retreats will resume after this pandemic ends.

OUR CAUSE: A portion of all classes and seminars' proceeds will be donated to Yu School, a nonprofit organization created by Master Dr. Jennifer Yu to provide public education and training on how to easily and effectively benefit from Tai Chi/Qigong practices, especially to those who are suffering and under-served.

LEARNING TOOLS: DVD, book, Youtube video are available on www.happytaichi.org (http://www.happytaichi.org/), www.yuschool.com (http://www.yuschool.com/) and http://www.youtube.com/yuschool . Live Recording of our classes is coming soon! You can then take or make up classes on your digital device at the comfort of your home or anywhere at any convenient time! So, use the tools to stay connected, well and happy wherever you are!

Contact us at 561-320-1120 or info@yuschool.com for more information.

Together, let's start a happiness, health and harmony transformation!

"Happiness, Health and Harmony are not just our birth right, it's simply where all of us are meant to be."

-- Master Dr. Yu, The "Momma Panda"

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