What we're about

So glad you found us. We are a fun sobriety group. You are gonna have fun.

You're more than welcome to join this group anonymously. No picture required, just come join us and have fun.

You'll find out where all the fun sobriety events are and will have plenty of friends to go with. We are a very active group focus on having fun, making new friends, helping others and sobriety oriented events.

Have you personally or have you been the family member or friend of a person fighting addiction? Are you at the beginning, middle or end of your journey and wondering. “Now What?” The answer is “Happy, Joyous and Free!”

We are a multi-age (20s, 30s, 40s & 50+), diverse group of fun people who welcome all those whose lives are or have been impacted by addiction. Members are encouraged to publically or anonymously sign up for this group. We don't care how you sign up, just sign up and come have fun.

We offer awesome fun events in the Maryland, DC and/or northern Virginia areas. Opportunities for members to lead or host events for the group are always available.

This group is not sponsored by or associated with any 12-step organization. The majority of our members do follow our some type of 12-step program.

Whether you are ready to celebrate an addiction free life or want to connect with people who can help you put challenges behind you and move forward, join us in being “Happy, Joyous and Free!” Next to sobriety, may be your next best decision you will ever make!


Our group’s mission is to list and provide numerous fun, age-specific weekly events for our members celebrating sobriety.

Our values and goals:

1) To provide easy to find information on meetups and events that other persons and groups in recovery are attending and organizing. Our meetups are NOT all at alcohol-free venues. For example, we host and post meetups at restaurants, ball games, football games, festivals, dances, music festivals, cruises, concert, skiing, golf, dinner theaters, etc. with other people celebrating their sobriety. Please check with your sponsors before you join our group or go to any venue which which serves alcohol.

2) We host as many fun sobriety oriented meetups as possible. We are all volunteers and do not make any money on any of these events. We're just trying to help others including ourselves to have fun and sobriety.

3) Our meetups are a great place to meet people, hang out, introduce yourself, make new friends and have fun.

Thank you for joining our group. You are gonna have fun!!


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