Optimising the Onboarding Experience


Many companies devote a lot of resources to let people know about their products, and attract people to sign up. However, companies do not seem to spend enough effort to optimize their products’ onboarding experience – Help the customers to get started.

If you don’t help your customers up and running with your products quickly and satisfactorily, how would the new users become the loyal/power users?

Therefore, let’s talk about onboarding experience design:
• Importance of onboarding experience
• Common types of onboarding approaches
• Tips / Advices on optimizing the onboarding experience • Onboarding design validation and iteration


With over a decade of comprehensive UX experience, Ada Yuen deep experience leading and/or collaborating on strategy, design, and execution to drive conversions and ROI for web-based and app experiences.

Ada is truly passionate about the UX field, and is a regular participant in industry thought leadership and professional development events. Whether partnering with start-ups on product vision, or resolving extremely time-sensitive release issues for MNCs, she is strategic, insightful, and proactive. Ada currently resides in Hong Kong and works with clients worldwide to create functional, intelligent, and responsive designs.