A Christmas Tale about Visual Studio Code 🎄☃️


We didn't plan to run another meetup in December, but then we found out Kenneth is in Hong Kong. He has spoken at Harbour Front before, and we are super happy he is back!

Kenneth works on Visual Studio Code in Seattle, US. He is going to tell us the story of Visual Studio Code and we hope he is going to show us some nifty tricks too. ;-)

On Thursday, December 27 🎄, our doors open at 7 PM, we kick off at 7:30. This meetup is for everybody who builds websites, whether it be frontend, design or maybe content or project management.

✨ Talk ✨
'The story of Visual Studio Code'
VS Code has taken the industry by storm, but what's the story? Where does VS Code come from? Kenneth from the VS Code team will be in Hong Kong to tell you the story and provide hands-on help.

🤵 Our speaker Kenneth Auchenberg ✨
Kenneth is a Program Manager, focused on VS Code at Microsoft, beyond VS Code he's looking after JavaScript debugging for Node.js, browsers and in Azure. He's a W3C WICG member, and Global Shaper for World Economic Forum and lives in Seattle, US. Kenneth blogs occasionally at kenneth.io, and tweets as @auchenberg.

Hope to see on December 27 in the Hive in Wan Chai!
Holger & Charis 👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻