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Texas Instruments Workshop: Developing IoT Solutions with TI SimpleLink
Booking on Meetup IS NOT SUFFICIENT to secure a spot for this workshop. You must apply to participate (application link If you are selected you will receive an email confirmation after the 13th of November. This will include the link to book your ticket (a non-refundable booking fee of £15 will be charged to limit drop-outs). Read the full event details here . --- We are very excited to invite Texas Instruments in London to show our community how to build Sensor-To-Cloud applications using the TI SimpleLink™ Platform. In this session you will create low-power sensors that can connect using Bluetooth LE to smartphones/tablets for local configuration and also using Sub1GHz for long-range sensor-to-cloud connectivity. ‍ We’ll experiment with LaunchPad™ development kits and BoosterPack™ plug-in modules as well as on-line code-development resources to create real-world sensor application. We’ll also look at advanced features such as delivering over-the-air firmware updates and optimising for low-power as well as demonstrate some of the other protocols that can easily be enabled (e.g. OpenThread, ZigBee) by this highly configurable platform. --- WHAT YOU'LL LEARN - Clear understanding of TI SimpleLink™ Platform, what it offers and enables. - How to navigate TI examples and further on-line training material. - Ease of development of connectivity applications. - Ease of development of multi-band, multi-protocol connectivity applications. - Integration of real-world sensors using TI Sensors Solutions. - Rapid development using Cloud based tooling. --- WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR This workshop is for any Hardware and Embedded Software engineer who is looking for an easy-to-use prototyping platform with features and capabilities that further simplify the connectivity of things to the Internet. --- PLEASE NOTE: Knowledge of C programming language is required to attend the workshop.

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