What we're about

This is a group and community that has been created as a focus for anyone interested in Hardware development, and in particular startups developing Hardware products. The intention is to build a vibrant community and eco-system in Brisbane of people with a specific focus on Hardware and Hardware Entrepreneurship. We will be running relaxed monthly meetup events to listen to 3 presenters followed by (hopefully free) beer and snacks. We will also be curating and distributing regular newsletters with updates and news from Australia and around the world regarding Hardware Development, to keep you informed and updated.

You should join, and attend, if you work in, or are interested in learning about and would like to make friends with people who know about;

Prototyping platforms, Arduino, Pi, MBED etc
3D Printing / advanced manufacturing
Software / Firmware / Cloud / Infrastructure
Industrial Design / 3D Design
Hardware Startup Case Studies
Interaction Design
UX (and all its components)
Manufacturing (batch to high volume)
User Centered Design
Funding / Investment
Start-up culture
The Internet of Things
Drinking Beer

The group is open and inclusive, we welcome people from all stages of their life and careers, vocations and disciplines, including; students / hobbyists / designers / engineers / entrepreneurs / wantaprepreneurs / government organisations / VCs / Academics / Retirees etc The focus is on meeting people and making friends.

A sister meetup is being set up and run in The Gold Coast, in case that location suits you better. https://www.meetup.com/Hardware-StartUp-Gol...

Possible Talks and Themes

We encourage and need willing people to step forward and offer to present, as well as attract speakers from outside of the group. We do need to learn from the community what topics they would like to see presented, below is our initial list but please suggest more;

• User Centred Design approaches
• IoT Technologies / hardware / software / comms / cloud technologies
• Members latest hardware product release / demos
• Real world examples / case studies / stories of members own product dev experiences
• Dos and Donts of starting a hardware business
• Product Validation
• IP Protection and Strategy
• Product Development process, from sketch to scale
• Business Structure and Planning
• New Technology Engagement: 3D Printing
• New Technology Engagement: 3D Scanning
• New Technology Engagement: Robotics
• New Technology Engagement: Automation
• Manufacturing - setting up in Shenzhen / war stories
• Marketing
• Funding Opportunities / Crowdfunding strategies
• Business Scalability
• Networking

Past events (10)

Sunday (mad) Science - Bring a Problem Seek an Answer

Accelerando Consulting

Sunday (mad) Science - Bring a problem seek an answer

Accelerando Consulting

Hardware Startup open day and BBQ

Accelerando Consulting

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