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Everything you need to know about Dowsing with Inez Lindsay

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Bring your pendulums or wear a pendant! Dowsing can be done with almost anything that will easily swing. We will learn the fascinating history of dowsing, from biblical references and throughout history to it’s current worldwide use today. Discover how muscle testing is just one form of body dowsing while Inez will share with us the commonly used forms of dowsing tools and how to use them.

We will then all learn to Dowse, what to do beforehand, how to correctly focus your questions so your answers will be on target. Rev. Inez will share with us the wide spectrum of applications where dowsing is commonly practiced, from finding lost objects to finding GOLD!

About Rev. Inez Lindsay

Inez Lindsay is the president of the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. ( If you have questions about the society please contact Rev. Inez Lindsey. Phone: 619-563-9782 or E-mail: ( Inez is ASD Regional Vice President Southern California and Hawaii, San Diego Chapter President, and past ASD Trustee. She also teaches private dowsing lessons.

Rev. Inez Lindsey graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She is a retired elementary school teacher. As a Master Dowser. Rev. Inez has self published a book entitled “Dowsing Your Way to Good Health”.

An Energy worker, Rev. Inez is a certified practitioner in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Matrix Energetics, and the Yuen Method. She is also an astrologer, numerologist and certified Feng Shui practitioner. Rev. Inez lectures on various topics.