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This meetup began as the Houston Tea Party Society. A couple of years ago, I, Kathie Glass, chair of the Harris County Libertarian Party, rescued this meetup when it was about to get the axe. I waited to see where the group wanted to go. Seeing no direction, I have decided to chart a new course.

Washington is broken. The two major parties have been corrupted by the rich and powerful and cannot be reformed. Our only hope to save our liberty, our Constitution, and our country is to push back on Washington here in Texas by resisting unconstitutional federal acts through nullification. Only the Texas Libertarian Party can be counted on to follow this course.

Today, this becomes the official meetup of the Harris County Libertarian Party. For those of you who are not Libertarian, I ask that you give us a chance to convince you that, if you want freedom in our time, the Texas Libertarian Party is not just another choice our have, we're your only choice.

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