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Are you missing a type of interaction in your life that you can’t place your finger on? Do you wish conversations in your life could be deeper at times? Are you looking for others with a similar desire to engage in philosophical discourse? Would you like a low-pressure opportunity to socialize and meet people who value expansion of the mind and self through dialogue, as you do? Are you a “thinker” who wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall during a gathering of inquisitive people?

“Socrates Cafe” is a format for inquisitive philosophical discussion conceived by Christopher Phillips, who authored a so-named book about its conception, and his experiences in the many cafes he founded. The author was especially moved to bring people of different backgrounds together, establishing Socrates Cafes in all types of communities, schools of all levels, prisons, nursing homes, and even groups specifically created to combine demographics, including, for example meetings between children and elderly.

Topics, in the form of questions, are offered and chosen by group members prior to conversing, and might explore such topics as: “What is evil?” “What, if anything, is more important than freedom? “What is a parent’s role?” “What is forgiveness?”

Questions commonly evoke other questions, and the goal of Socrates Cafe is not to find answers or come to a group consensus, but rather to allow discourse to go where it may, and participants to look inward more deeply while at the same time “trying on” other points of view to expand themselves empathically.

At this time I am seeking others like you, who would be interested in joining such a group. You should consider attending a meeting if you are:

- Open to new opinions

- A “talker”

- An “observer”

- Youthful

- Mature

- White collar

- Blue collar

- Financially secure

- Financially insecure

This group will only be more valuable for the diversity of its attendees, so please do not doubt that you are exactly who we’re looking to invite!

On the other hand… These meetings are likely not for you if you:

- Have all the intelligent conversation you can handle already in your life

- Prefer small talk to deep conversation

- Habitually degrade or speak over others

- Are interested in “networking” or handing out business cards (not allowed)

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