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If you love to travel and want to get the most out of your photography, then this group is for you. We travel to great places where you can make fun photos while being guided by a professional photographer. Plus we have local and regional outings where you can photograph cool locations that you might not know about. From beginners to professionals, everyone can learn, share and make beautiful photos. Professional photographers Ron Lake and Loren Fisher are the organizers.

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NYC Bridges Photography Tour

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This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have paid and registered at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/new-york-city-bridges-photography-workshop-2/ Join professional photographers Loren Fisher and Ron Lake as we go on a special urban landscape photographic exploration of five of New York’s magnificent bridges. It will be a day packed full of fun photo opportunities at little known locations and also at some popular spots. You will transported in Loren’s 12 passenger Sprinter van, so you don’t need to worry about how to get around. You’ll be taken to the closest possible drop off for each location but there will still be some walking involved. Our photography will start at the George Washington Bridge at the little known Little Red Lighthouse, which sits right under the bridge. The lighthouse was there 10 years before completion of the bridge and is one of the smaller lighthouses you’ll see at only 40’ tall. Getting there is a bit of a hike but our van will drop you off as close as possible. The area is now a park, although this is a place you might not want to go alone, especially at night. We’ll hop back in the van and go to the other side of Manhattan to the Queensborough Bridge, which is one of the more striking big bridges with its tan paint that captures the light in unique ways depending on the angle you view it. You’ll be taken to a couple of hidden spots that offer special views of the bridge that most people don’t see. From there we are off to the Williamsburg Bridge and a lovely park on the Manhattan side. This bridge is a bit more industrial and there are some great places to make graphic shots. We’ll walk under the bridge and get shots of the piers in the water. Now we are on to Brooklyn where we’ll go to a spot where you can photograph the Empire State Building framed by one of the Manhattan Bridge towers. It is a fun shot and you have to know the exact spot to be to get the shot. While in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) we’ll get great shots of the Manhattan Bridge, which was the world’s longest bridge when it was finished in 1909, beating out the Brooklyn Bridge by four feet. There are lots of great angles to shoot it from and you can even get the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan’s tall buildings in the background. The van will then take you over to the stairs leading to the Brooklyn Bridge and we’ll walk up on it for great shots of the bridge, Manhattan and surrounding area. That will put us right up on the pedestrian area of the bridge. You do need to watch for bicycles if you walk in the bike lane, you’ll get yelled at and clipped if you encroach in their space. By the time we come down from the bridge, the sun will be setting and we’ll go to a park along the Hudson River to shoot the lights of Manhattan shining as the sky darkens and blue hour sets in. A wide angle shot of the Brooklyn Bridge with a glowing Manhattan in the background is a must for every photographer! What a great way to end the day. This is a workshop for any level of photographer, even those who prefer shooting with an iPhone! Not only will you be transported to great locations, Loren and Ron will make sure you are getting the best shots possible and help you with any photographic needs. There are three places where you can join the tour: the Bridgewater, NJ, train station, Penn Station in New York or Grand Central Terminal. Exact locations and times will be sent after you register. For photo equipment you’ll want a wide angle lens and a telephoto as a minimum; a wide angle to telephoto zoom is great to have. You can leave things in the van while you are out at specific locations. A sturdy tripod is a must for dusk shots at the Brooklyn Bridge. Saturday, Oct. 26, 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Limited to 10 photographers Price Premium/Returning clients: $199 Regular registration: $229 For more info and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/new-york-city-bridges-photography-workshop-2/

Bucks County, PA, Autumn Photography Workshop

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This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have registered and paid at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/bucks-county-autumn-photo-workshop2/ The beauty of Bucks County, Pennsylvania is legendary; rural scenes, rolling hills, historic covered bridges and quaint towns all make for wonderful photographs. We will be there at what should be the height of the fall foliage when trees turn lovely orange, yellow and red. The first session sold out quickly so I'm adding a second session of the workshop. We will be traveling together in Loren’s 12-passenger Sprinter van, so you don’t have to worry about getting around or finding a place to park, since that can be tricky at some of our remote locations. If you have gone on one of Loren's Bucks County workshops, you know there are great locations to be photographed. We will go to many new locations with marvelous barns, covered bridges and farm scenes. We will go back to one of the most beautiful scenes anywhere, a lovely farm with an old mill and pond off the beaten path and capture it surrounded by autumn colors. We'll end the day light painting a covered bridge. You may want to bring snacks if you tend to get hungry during the afternoon, there will be plenty of water in the van. Once we leave New Hope we won't be in towns very much. You can join the workshop at two locations: Bridgewater, NJ at 11:00 a.m. or in New Hope, PA at 12:00 p.m. Exact locations will be sent once you register. We’ll start shooting shortly after noon and will be back in New Hope by 7 p.m. Transportation during the workshop is included. You will be dropped off near all the shooting locations so you won’t need to do a lot of walking, unless you like to wander off on your own. We will be in some fields and on uneven ground, I suggest wearing hiking boots for protection. This workshop is for all levels of photographers, from iPhoners to experts. I’ll help you get the shots you are hoping for. You’ll want to have both wide angle and telephoto lenses, a zoom that covers both is great. If you have a macro lens, bring it, there are lots of details that make great images. You’ll also want a sturdy tripod. There won’t be a place to get batteries or extra memory cards, so bring plenty. We’ll be out shooting even if it is raining, unless it is a thunderstorm, so be prepared. Fall colors can look their best in the rain, the wetness really saturates the colors. If we do happen to get rain, I do several things to keep my photo gear dry, and I’ll show you those tricks. I’ll have plenty of microfiber towels and CTBs (Clear Trash Bags, official photographer gear). Limited to 11 photographers Nov. 3, 12:00-7:00 p.m. This is the same itinerary as the Nov. 2 workshop Price Premium/Returning clients: $199 Regular registration: $229 For more information and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/bucks-county-autumn-photo-workshop2/

Cuba Photography Workshop

Needs a location

This is a paid workshop, please RSVP after registering at https://bit.ly/2EludVE A Cuba photography workshop is a great way to explore the mystery, beauty and passion of the island nation. Join professional photographers Loren Fisher and Sarah McGarghan as you photograph Cuba’s culture from off the beaten path and well known scenes. You’ll have an incredible journey to the dynamic city of Havana and the rural valley of Viñales. During our seven days in Cuba you’ll witness the country’s vibrant energy, learn about the island’s history and how rapid political change is now manifesting itself in Havana. Not only will you be making great photos, you will see traditional Cuban life, while enjoying great Cuban food, drink and vitality along the way. This is all inclusive, we take care of everything once you arrive in Havana including paying for the meals. We will be staying in casa particulars, the casas we are staying in are essentially privately owned boutique hotels. Think of old mini mansions that are now fancy B&Bs. You will have your own room and will get to know the local host. Our Itinerary (subject to change) Day 1—Arrival Day Pick up at the airport. Introduction to the guides and driver. Transfer to accommodation. Walking around Vedado, wandering to the National Hotel. Day 2—Day in Havana Havana’s Historic Center. We will visit the Plaza de Armas (Arms Square), Plaza de San Francisco de Asís , Plaza Vieja (Old Square), Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral Square). Then we will visit the the Ambos Mundos Hotel and the famous bar of La Bodeguita del Medio, both spots frequented by Ernest Hemingway. Plus more! Day 3 – Soroa, Las Terrazas and Vinales The beautiful landscapes of the village of Soroa, a small rural community between the Cuban capital and Viñales. After photographing the waterfall and around the community we will take back roads and go through the woodlands to Las Terrazas, crossing the Sierra del Rosario. Then on to our destination of Vinales. Plus more! Day 4 – Vinales to Havana This morning we will start the day by visiting a local artist who has created unique and amazing wood sculptures from roots and foliage. Then on to a tobacco farm where we will learn how the tobacco for the famous Cuban Cigars is grown, dried and rolled into “local“ cigars. Plus more! Day 5 – Day of Culture Fusterlandia, named after Cuban painter and sculptor José Fuster, is a fishing town on the outskirts of Havana. Next we will tour Miramar and view the wealth of the foreign embassies. We will stop by the fascinating Almendares Natural Park where it is known the Santeria preform their rituals. Then to Hemmingway’s homestead, Finca Vigia (Lookout Farm). Plus more! Day 6 – Back to Havana We go to the famous Rafael Trejo gym where we will have the opportunity to photograph Cuba’s boxers. We have arranged for several beautiful classic cars to be with us for two hours. Here we will be able to ride in them along the Malecon as well as position them in the optimum places for the perfect photo op of quintessential Cuba. Plus more! Day 7 – Hershey & Mantanzas The old Hershey factory, built in 1916, this sugar mill was the most advanced factory of it’s time. Now a gutted shell of a building, it offers a unique opportunity to create some interesting images. We will stop at the Bellmar caves considered to be one of the longest and deepest caves in the country. The cave is filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, fountains, crystallized domes and some other unique limestone formations. Plus more! Day 8– Departure back to home Time of departures will determine activities for the day. Rates Registration is $4300. Previous clients: $3900. Registration fee includes professional photography instruction, pre-trip planning, single occupancy lodging, ground transportation and all meals. It does not include airfare to Cuba, alcohol, snacks, beverages or personal items. For more info and to register: https://bit.ly/2EludVE

Southern Chile Solar Eclipse Photo Workshop - Dec. 2020

This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have registered at https://bit.ly/2GVnV0L. Join me, professional photographer Loren Fisher, for the trip of a lifetime as we photograph a total solar eclipse and the beauty of southern Chile’s lake region. I have experienced many things in my 40 years as a professional photographer but nothing more memorable than my first total solar eclipse. I can’t put into words the experience and the photos don’t do it justice. As the sun disappears behind the moon the world around you changes, the light becomes a strange dim color and for a short time you are transported to another place. We will be based in Villarrica, Chile, a small town on the shore of the large Villarrica Lake. The active Villarrica volcano is on the other side of the lake and we’ll make great images of it from our hotel and the nearby beach. The center of eclipse’s path is right over our hotel guaranteeing us the longest possible time of totality. The larger and well known town of Pucon is on the other side of the lake. It is the epicenter for adventure in southern Chile. I scouted the Villarrica and Pucon area in December, 2018. Through extensive research and talking with many people, I located many great locations for photography in the region. While the eclipse will be the highlight of the trip, you’ll make many great images of southern Chile. The Villarrica volcano dominates the landscape, the snow covered peak is iconic and we’ll photograph it from many angles. Because of volcanoes from years past there are many other peaks and large lakes created by glaciers and eruptions. The pristine lakes are beautiful and nestled into the edge of the Andes. We’ll go to a thermal spa that has an amazing red boardwalk leading through a steep, lush green canyon past 19 hot pools to a stunning waterfall at the end. We’ll spend a day driving along Lake Panguipulli, which is 8.5 miles wide and 19 miles long. At the north end is the town of Panguipulli, which has a mesmerizing church with three steeples. We’ll go high on a hill above town and explore one of the most unique cemeteries you’ll see anywhere, it overlooks the town and the lake and the grave sites are immaculately decorated. We’ll then drive along to the lake’s southern end stopping along the way at beautiful overlooks. We’ll arrive in the quaint village of Choshuenco, which is anything but a tourist trap. While you won’t see dusty villages with donkeys pulling carts, you will see how real Chileans live. We’ll photograph waterfalls, lakes and rivers around the Villarrica volcano. We’ll also spend a day along Chile’s Pacific coast where you’ll photograph quaint fishing villages, large black sand beaches, rugged coastline and unusual sea stacks. Who should Attend Anyone who wants to be awed by photographing a total solar eclipse and the beauty of southern Chile’s lake region – your photographic experience doesn’t matter. I will be working with you to help you improve your photography, no matter your level. I will help with mastering your camera settings, using the proper lens, composition and how to capture what you are seeing with your camera. Some walking will be required, including wandering in towns. There won’t be long, strenuous hiking. What is included: • Seven days of photography • Lodging for six nights (Single occupancy) • Breakfast daily • Workshop Adventure • Small group size of 10 participants • Hotel close to photography locations • Local transportation, including from and to airport • Professional photography instruction including how to photograph the eclipse. What isn’t included: • Travel to Chile • Meals, other than breakfast • Alcoholic drinks • Gratuities • Non-meal time snacks and soft drinks Registration is $4200. Previous clients and Premium Members: $3800. For more info and to register: https://bit.ly/2GVnV0L

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