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What we’re about

This group is for those who would like to explore the many issues in today's challenging business environment by studying and discussing business case studies. As the group name suggests, we expect that the majority of the cases and articles will be sourced from the Harvard Business Review ( site, but they can be sourced from anywhere, e.g., MIT Sloan, Chicago, etc.

A few example cases:

Case Study: Pull the Plug on a Project with an Uncertain Future?

Discovery-Driven Planning

--------  How We'll Operate

• Shortly after the end of each meeting, we'll send out a survey for the members to pick the next case/article to discuss.

• We'll collect survey results for around four or five days. 

• We'll then schedule the next meetup to discuss the case/article with the most votes.

• Each survey will have an additional area for case/article suggestions.

• Members need to suggest cases. It should not be left to the organizers.

--------  "Rules of the Road" 

• This meetup is for us. We decide how best to run things (frequency, length, location, etc.). 

• All meetups will be teleconference (Zoom) to start. We may do in-person also in the future. We'll vote on it.

• We'll meet every two or three weeks. We'll adjust as we learn how it goes. 

• Meetings will start on time. We will not go back over anything to catch people up. 

• Initially the meetings are for one hour. We'll change it if we need to. 

• Meetings may go over by a few minutes but we should strive to stick to the one-hour meeting time. 

• We can schedule multiple meetups at different times for the same case/article if we need to. It's up to us. 

• Be respectful of other's comments, observations, questions, etc. 

• Try to avoid talking over others. It's not easy at times. 

• Everyone should follow copyright rules and purchase a copy of the cases or articles. They aren't expensive. 

• Prep ahead of time, if you can, so that we can dive right in. 

• This isn't story time. Stay on topic. Be concise. 

• Everyone should contribute to the discussion. The HBS MBA program requires participation. Same here.