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Note: This site generally contains only listings / links for the different hash groups. While some of the different Hash Meet-up / Run details are added here, the site does not generally contain all of the different Hash Meet-up / Run details, run reports etc. as these can typically be found within the websites of the different hash groups. While we will try to help with any questions you may have please refer to the individual hash websites or contact a member of the committee for the hash you are interested in for Run details etc.

Meet other local Hash House Harriers, those ("Hares" and "Hounds") who get together to follow a marked trail and enjoy fellowship and beverages at the end!

Hong Kong has:

* 8 weekly Hash Kennels (Groups)

- Mon - Hong Kong H3 (www.hkhash.com (http://www.hkhash.com/HK%20hashes.htm)) - men only

- Mon - Kowloon H3 ( http://www.kowloonhash.com ) - men only

- Tue - Ladies of Hong Kong H3 (hkladiesh4.wix.com/hklh4 (http://www.hkladieshash.com/)) - ladies only, male visitors welcome

- Wed - Little Sai Wan H3 (www.datadesignfactory.com/lsw (http://www.datadesignfactory.com/lsw/))

- Wed - Northern New Territories H3 (n2th3.wordpress.com)

- Thu - Royal South Side H3 (www.rs2h3.hk (http://www.rs2h3.com/)) - men only, female visitors welcome

- Sun - Sek Kong H3 (www.skh3.com (http://www.skh3.com/))

- Sun - Wanchai H3 (www.wanchaih3.com (http://www.wanchaih3.com/))

* 4 monthly Hash Kennels

- Fri - HK Friday H3 ( http://www.wanchaih3.com/HKFH3 )

- Sat - Free China H3 (sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/FreeChinaHash (http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/FreeChinaHash/)) or ( http://www.wanchaih3.com/FCH3 )

- Sat - Sai Kung Saturday H3 (sites.google.com/site/saikungsaturdayh3 (https://sites.google.com/site/saikungsaturdayh3/))

- Sat - South Lantau H3 (lantauhash.wordpress.com (http://lantauhash.wordpress.com/))

Note - Sai Kung Saturday H3 is not shown in the calendar of events, at the request of the GM Demeritus. To find out when they are next meeting please see the website.

* 1 bi-monthly Hash Kennel

- HK Hash House Babes (babeshash.blogspot.com (http://babeshash.blogspot.com/))

* 1 annual Hash Kennel

- SANTA Hash [raising money for charity] ( http://www.santahash.com )

* 1 typhoon Hash Kennel

- whenever a T8 signal is raised - T8 H3 ( http://www.wanchaih3.com/T8H3 )

So you have plenty of trail options in to choose from.

But if that is not enough, there are other hashes in the local vicinity (including Macau, Shekou, Guangzhou) and further afield (such as Beijing, Hainan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Taipei). See www.hashchina.com (http://www.hashchina.com/) for links.

Note: all Hashes are mixed (male & female) unless otherwise stated.

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Ladies Hash

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Northern New Territories Hash

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see the website for more details... n2th3.wordpress.com (http://n2th3.wordpress.com/)

Little Sai Wan Hash

Needs a location

see the website for more details... www.datadesignfactory.com/lsw (http://www.datadesignfactory.com/lsw/)

Royal South Side Hash

Needs a location

see the website for more details... http://www.rs2h3.hk

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Kowloon Hash

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