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Probably the most unique running experience you can have in the five boroughs, we're NYC's O.G. of Beer Running clubs. See http://www.hashnyc.com for more events, as they don't always make it to Meetup!

We're the NYC area kennels of the Hash House Harriers (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers), the original, global "drinking club with a running problem" founded in Malaysia in 1938.If you have no idea what that means, read on:

• Each event generally begins with participants meeting at a location where, hopefully, there is beer (we call this a pre-lube, as one is encouraged to enjoy said beer).
• Soon after the appointed time, the group will embark on a r*n together. This isn't just any r*n though, we use a unique marking system that is often described as similar to a scavenger hunt. We use special calls to help each other as we go. It's fun!
• Sometimes we stop to enjoy an adult beverage while we work together to search for the end location, which we call the "On-In." Usually this is a different bar (but it might be in a hasher's home, under a bridge, in a park...).
• While we're r*nning, the hare (the person who set the trail) will transport your bag to the On-In, where they will have arranged for there to be adult beverages and food (often pizza).
• Generally, everyone will pay in $20 hash cash and enjoy said food and drink until cash runs out, relaxing and enjoying your new friends. Hash cash is optional, but if you opt out you will be on your own for refreshments.
• Do this enough and you will likely even earn a hash name!

This meet-up is intended to help reach out to new members. Don't let the low numbers of people who RSVP on this site fool you: there are generally 15 to 30 hashers at every event, more for special events and sometimes even as many as 150 at big events like the Red Dress R*n.

We run multiple times a week, with different days arranged by different "kennels" (chapters), favoring different locations or types of runs. Hashes are typically held:

• Sundays @ 3pm in Manhattan (or sometimes further afield in the summer)
• Mondays @ 7pm in Brooklyn
• Wednesdays @ 7pm in Manhattan (usually)
• Fridays once/month @ 7:15pm in Manhattan or Brooklyn
• Saturdays 1-2x/month @ 3pm in Manhattan or Long Island

For more background, check the website (http://hashnyc.com/).

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