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Join this Meetup for a discussion about the next generation of distributed consensus technology and the problems with public distributed networks today.


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Hedera Hashgraph - Virtual Developer Workshop

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We are excited to announce this very special virtual workshop that will deliver the most comprehensive look at Hedera Hashgraph to date. We’ll be providing educational content supporting a range of community requested topics. Delivered by Hedera lead Developer Advocate Greg Scullard, this half-day workshop is all-encompassing, so whether you’re new to hashgraph or you’re a seasoned developer, we’ll cover everything from “what is hashgraph” all the way down to the nuts and bolts of the Hedera network, the hashgraph consensus algorithm, our services, and much more. When is the virtual workshop happening? This event will take place on Friday, March 1 from 3pm-7pm local time, which is 1pm-5pm Central European Time How can I attend the virtual workshop? Attending the event is easy - just use the Zoom meeting link here to register: https://hedera.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_d0tcaNPETimG30JoayARVQ Will there be Q&A? There will be a chat area available to submit questions throughout the workshop. Greg and our support team will try to respond to all of the questions received. What exactly is going to be covered? See the full list of the topics that Greg and team will discuss: DLT 101 - a comprehensive view of distributed ledger technologies - Decentralization vs Centralization - Permissioned vs Permissionless DLTs - DLT Types - A deep look at different consensus algorithms The Hedera Public Ledger - The “four tenets of Hedera Hashgraph” - Technology: what is hashgraph? - Governance: Hedera’s governance structure and council - Security: abyzantine fault tolerance, preventing Sybil attacks, preventing DDoS attacks - Stability: platform stability measures - Hedera services offerings: Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, and File Storage - Micropayments on Hedera Hashgraph A Technical Deep Dive into the Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm - Virtual Voting - Gossip about Gossip - Transaction ordering - Proof of Stake with Proxying All About Cryptoeconomics of the Hedera network - Fees and fee calculations - Transaction security - Resource usage - Running a node and incentives - The role of HBARs The Hedera API - Protocol buffers - Transactions and queries - Keys and signatures - A deep look at the File, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contract services - Receipts and records - Process flows

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