What we're about

This group is for anyone with hashimotos disease who is interested in seeing it as reversible condition not a life long dis-ease.

I myself have hashimotos and want to feel empowered about the state of my health. I have used lots of different modalities of healing and work with many practitioners.

If you have been working with a practitioner, Naturopath, functional medicine practitioner, holistic healer, mind body medicine or other modality? What food and lifestyle changes have helped you achieve remission? Reduced your antibodies and overall test results? What does remission look like? How to get of meds? I myself have been working diligently at remission.

There are many diets - The AIP diet, bone broth, collagen leaky gut diet, Lifestyle habits, and supplements which all promote remission. Which do you find the most helpful to feel amazing and reverse your hashimotos?

I changed the name of the group because I would like to host a meet up and talk about what has been the most effective things that has helped you achieve remission? I see this group is a support network - I want to hear about your successes. Let's learn from eachother's successes.

We are often caught in a web of trying to find the best therapies to improve our thyroid and overall health, without really knowing how to navigate the maze of alternative therapies out there. This group is for anyone who wants to meet other health seekers who are interested in exploring and sharing their experiences/successes with alternative holistic therapies for putting hashimotos into remission. If you are interested in looking at hashimotos as from a holistic perspective and meeting others who are doing the same .... this group is for you!

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Meet to Talk about Hashimoto's Remission and What it takes

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Talk about Balancing Our Energy with Thyroid Dysfunction

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Meet for a tea and chat about healing our thyroid.

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