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Our primary aim was to work through "Haskell Programming: from first principles" http://haskellbook.com/ . And we did that during the winter of 2017/18! If you were there for that, congrats. We went up through the "Monad" chapter (chapter 18) in the book. The larger goal was to learn about functional programming broadly by working on the specific.


Programmers and want-to-be-programmers should join this community of learning.

Haskell's a good laboratory for trying new ideas in FP while still keeping a foot in the world of production applications. Earlier I said that "from time to time, we'll break from the book to dig into topics closely related to FP." And by popular demand, that's what we'll be doing now!

Haskell's not the only game in town when it comes to functional programming and so we'll open Meetups to the wider world of pan-FP topics.

My goal is to make this Meetup as accessible as possible to all skill levels and backgrounds. I also want to make sure that people are getting their hands dirty. Interactive, do-it-yourself, and activities rather than just lectures are greatly encouraged for Meetups. If you have something you're doing and want to share, let me know!

If you've read this far and you're still on the fence, I want you to know that you are welcome & encouraged to join!

-- Chris

P.S. - Thank you to Jon for group name & concept and a very special thanks for the logo design by Kelly Rauwerdink: https://dribbble.com/missingdink

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