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Getting things done in Haskell
If you are writing a medium-sized Haskell for the very first time, you will typically end up with three modules: Types.hs, Utils.hs and Main.hs. While this is a very clear split, it typically doesn't scale very well as applications become larger. In this beginners talk, Jasper will share with you some practical ways to organise code in Haskell applications. Some of the questions Jasper will answer include: • When is it a good idea to use something like Monad/Applicative (and when is it not) • When is it a good idea to invent my own typeclass (and when is it not) • How do I design interfaces and services like in OOP?

ETH Zurich / Zentrum / CAB H 52

Universitätstrasse 6 · Zürich

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    We are meeting once a month to share knowledge of and experience with Haskell.

    Each time, one of us presents a topic, be it a library, a programming technique, development tools, or internals of GHC or other implementations. The format varies depending on the topic and the presenter between hands-on workshops, discussions and lectures.

    Prior knowledge certainly helps, but we definitely don't require you to be an expert to join and/or to present a topic. The only thing that is important is that you are interested in Haskell and that you are eager to learn more.

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