What we're about

We are meeting once a month to share knowledge of and experience with Haskell.

Each time, one of us presents a topic, be it a library, a programming technique, development tools, or internals of GHC or other implementations. The format varies depending on the topic and the presenter between hands-on workshops, discussions and lectures.

Prior knowledge certainly helps, but we definitely don't require you to be an expert to join and/or to present a topic. The only thing that is important is that you are interested in Haskell and that you are eager to learn more.

HaskellerZ is organized by the Zurich Friends of Haskell (http://zfoh.ch/).

Note that we've recently had to turn on moderator approval for new members. This is solely to deal with a relentless wave of spam that has hit Meetup; and everyone is still welcome to join.

Upcoming events (2)

Zurich Friends of Haskell - General Assembly

ETH Zurich / Zentrum / CAB H 53

Have you been curious what the newly founded Zurich Friends of Haskell Association (https://zfoh.ch/) has been doing in 2018? Would you like to help the Zurich Haskell community grow? The General Assembly gives you the ability to get a glimpse into the Zurich Friends of Haskell and its roles. It is not a big event, but an important one. The agenda follows the statutes of the association: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-8eHAK40hiH5jv79AscWtf3pyUNxx4Ls1LwkpLYK--8/edit 1. The board will present a summary of the association's activities in 2018. 2. We will discuss the goals and aspirations of the association for 2019. 3. The treasurer will present the financial report for 2018. 4. We vote to discharge the board for their work in 2018. 5. We elect the board for 2019. Looking forward to seeing you there :) Note there will be a HaskellerZ talk following the GA. That talk will be announced separately. This meetup is for the GA only. Note also members of the ZFoH have received an invitation via e-mail separately. It would nevertheless be good to RSVP to this event so we get an accurate picture of who will be attending. Thanks.

Artem Chirkin - Experimenting with Constraints

ETH Zurich / Zentrum / CAB H 53

This talk is about things we can do with ConstraintKinds. First, we will have a look at the constraints library [1]: how it uses (Dict :: Constraint -> *) to move around instances of type classes. Then, we will follow an amazing reflection [2] tutorial by Austin Seipp [3] explaining how to dynamically construct type-class instances. Finally, I will present my experimental GHC plugin that turns a manually-constructed Dict into a vanilla type-class instance. Also I will try to justify why I need such a weird trickery by means of an intersting example: implementing a type-class instance for a closed type family. [1] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/constraints [2] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/reflection [3] https://www.schoolofhaskell.com/user/thoughtpolice/using-reflection

Past events (80)

Michal Terepeta - Implementing Immutable Vectors in Haskell

ETH Zurich / Zentrum / CAB H 52

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