What we're about

We are meeting once a month to share knowledge of and experience with Haskell.

Each time, one of us presents a topic, be it a library, a programming technique, development tools, or internals of GHC or other implementations. The format varies depending on the topic and the presenter between hands-on workshops, discussions and lectures.

Prior knowledge certainly helps, but we definitely don't require you to be an expert to join and/or to present a topic. The only thing that is important is that you are interested in Haskell and that you are eager to learn more.

HaskellerZ is organized by the Zurich Friends of Haskell (http://zfoh.ch/).

Note that we've recently had to turn on moderator approval for new members. This is solely to deal with a relentless wave of spam that has hit Meetup; and everyone is still welcome to join.

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Cazim Hysi: Why is Haskell Haskell?

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After a long COVID-induced break, we're happy to announce that in-person HaskellerZ meetups are back!

As usual, we will begin our meetup with a talk at ETH Zurich and then retire for beer, food, and discussions. Hope to see you there!

TALK DESCRIPTION: Everyone who knows Haskell knows that Haskell is a functional programming language. However, many of the things that make Haskell Haskell arise from its unique combination of features, including but not limited to its type system, its ability to have higher-order functions and of course laziness. This talk will focus on some of the history behind how we write Haskell and speculate on some of the deeper reasons for it.

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NixOS Users Zurich (Re)inaugural Meetup

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