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Nicolas Mattia - Interactive data exploration using Jupyter, Haskell and Nix

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Nicolas Mattia is going to demonstrate how to use Haskell, Jupyter and some open data to figure out from which countries most Haskell contributions come from. He presents a reproducible setup with Nix to use Haskell from a Jupyter notebook, will show how to easily read data from the GitHub and GeoNames APIs, how to "crunch" that with data the `vector` library and finally how to display it with the `diagrams` library -- all of this in an interactive, live-coding fashion using an in-browser notebook.

This talk is accessible to HaskellerZ of all levels. We expect beginners to learn how to query APIs using the `wreq` library and how to do some basic array manipulations with the `vector` library and intermediate Haskellers to learn how to use `lens-aeson` to consume JSON APIs in a way very similar to `jq`. The HaskellerZ unfamiliar with Jupyter and Nix will discover how those tools can be used to craft reproducible, visually interesting notebooks that can be shared and tweaked.