Alexey Kuleshevich - Color in Haskell

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This talk will target any beginner to advanced level developer who would like to understand ways to represent and manipulate colors programmatically in Haskell with the Color library:

The goal is to convey the meaning of what a color space is and shatter the common confusion with the color model. We will talk about the concepts involved in defining various color spaces and conversion between them. There will be a tutorial on how to write correct and efficient code that performs these conversions without the need to understand the math behind it. Lastly we'll see how to apply the knowledge learnt to convert some images.


This will be an online event. We will be using Zoom for video conference and Slack for chat. The video will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the event.

Please join the ZuriHac Slack workspace using the following link and then join the #meetup channel.

Please join the video conference using the following link.
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