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Simon Michael - Inside hledger: an architectural tour and how-to

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Simon Michael - Inside hledger: an architectural tour and how-to


hledger is a suite of CLI, TUI and WUI tools, file formats, and
documentation for doing accounting with plain text. It is something
that's not yet common: an end-user application written in Haskell,
that aims to be easy to install, robust and pleasing to use, on all
major platforms, including by non-techies.

I have been building and growing hledger and the hledger project for
about 15 years. In this talk I will, after a quick intro to plain text
accounting and hledger, give a tour of hledger's architecture,
codebase, significant evolutions, and some design principles. Then
I'll give some practical tips on how to: add your own custom hledger
commands; use hledger from your own app; troubleshoot hledger
behaviour; investigate bugs; and create effective pull requests. This
will hopefully go smoothly, and in the Q&A we can go deeper on whatever you like.

Plain Text Accounting:


This will be an online event. We will be using Zoom for video conference and Slack for chat. The video will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the event.

Please join the ZuriHac Slack workspace using the following link and then join the #meetup channel.

Please join the video conference using the following link.
Meeting ID: 856 6847 1393
Passcode: 054695

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