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Advanced API Design (Alexander Bernauer)

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We use Hoopl ( as a show case on how to use advanced language features such as generalized algebraic data types (, type families ( and monad transformers ( to design good APIs.

Hoopl is a framework for data flow analysis and transformation of control flow graphs. It is used in the code generator back-end of GHC. The API manages to hide the complexity of Lerner-Groove-Chambers (' interleaved analysis and transformation while supporting used-defined AST ( data types.

While we focus on Haskell language features as opposed to compiler construction, we will learn how to implement a liveness analysis ( as a running example.

Some links:

Hoopl: A Modular, Reusable Library for Dataflow Analysis and Transformation ( (Ramsey, Dias, Peyton Jones) Hoopl guided tour ( (Edward Z. Yang)