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Each Month we meet in Hasselt to talk about topics related to Business agility, agile development and 'how work works'.

You can share with other practitioners’ experiences with Lean, Kanban, Scrum, TPS, Lean Startup or even holacracy, sociocracy or growth hacking.

We carefully foster for Heterodoxy! Heterodoxy?

Heterodoxy is the opposite of orthodoxy. Participating to a Lean Coffee meetup happens with the intend of having a debate. Our definition of a debate is seeing the misconceptions or short comings in one's own reasoning and uncovering the confirmation bias holding us from seeing the reality.
Please view this short video (https://youtu.be/3Bklwq2LBjI) (just 3 minutes). Does it make sense? Please share your insights about the video in a comment below!

We invite you to join the debate and let's learn and grow together. We foster during the debate; dissent, creativity, empathy and truthfulness through free inquiry, some advocacy and a civil debate!
Your viewpoint may just add the bit of diversity needed to grow as community pursuing insight and enlightenment.

Wonder how we conduct a Lean Coffee, see LeanCoffee.org (http://leancoffee.org/).

By joining this meetup you agree that photos and other media material can be taken during the event.These materials can be used for our media channels, marketing, future activities and for publications.

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