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Hastings Area Hellbound Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics Meetup
To begin with, we will establish our purpose. We will seek to promote a positive worldview of secular ethics, not just to knock down established tradition. We will provide support for members facing First Amendment violations, and we will work to promote the idea that there is nothing to fear from secular society. We will let the world know that we are here, we are decent, upstanding citizens, and we are share the same basic values that our religious neighbors hold, but that we don't require God to inspire us or to add meaning to our values. We will discuss ways in which we can contribute to making our community a better place for everyone.

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This group is for freethinkers and non-believers of all sorts. We get together to discuss philosophy, movies, religion, the arts, or any other funny thing that comes into our head. No real requirements to join...we have no dogma, no dress code, and no inhibitions! Sinners are free to join, without need for repentence. We enjoy life in the here and now, without need for an afterlife. If you thought you were all alone because you had no need of God(s), you're alone no more. This is the group for you.

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