What we're about

This group was formed to help anyone who has a healthy desire to achieve that desire. We will have opportunities presented from experts in their fields, and conversations to help tailor your plan or dream to achievable results. We will introduce business coaches, some of whom are intuitive and can help you see where you will benefit more with certain actions or changes.

Generally, at each Meetup, we will have the option of purchasing a meal at the selected meeting space and get to know each other.

Business - At some of the meetings, you are going to receive useful and valuable information on different topics and meet people who can assist us in achieving our goals. We will discuss quality contacts, follow through, establishing professionalism and building reasonable timelines. We will discuss taxes and how you can save money on your taxes from the beginning when you establish your business.

Resources - We will present different resources that you may not know about. These resources could relate to business, networking, training, grants or funding, scholarships, financial assistance, household expenses such as utilities, food or even home repairs and more.

Social - At some of the meetings, you are going to enjoy a fun or relaxing social time together. Everything is not always going to be about business. Fun can mean different things to different people but some of what we will do is, dining, comedy, bowling, traveling, plays, concerts, cook outs, boating, sight seeing, etc. There really is no limit to what we can do.

Spiritual - Most of us have a different level of spirituality. We will have open discussions about spirituality, religion, beliefs, psychics, seers, prophecy, healing, and other alternative modalities. Everything works together for our good. We will talk about how many of these things can help us in our business and personal lives including relationships and self growth.

Support - We all have obstacles and trials in our lives and we can help each other and lift up each other. If you want or need support in your life or just more positive energy and can offer the same, please do be a valuable part of this group because you are valued. Our discussions will be deep and even head scratching in awe. You will get different perspectives that you may nor have considered in the past.

Manifesting - In short, there are things, opportunities or people we want in our lives. While we may or may not be working towards having what we want, it continues to elude us. So whether we want more money, better friends or relationships, better health, etc., certainly, there are ways to get or have those things and we will discover which of these ways can work on an individual basis.

This group is for everyone who has the freedom of mind to live and create their own lives and go after what they want now - NO LIMIT! We cannot be put into a box!

This is not a group that exists only on paper. We all have things to offer and things to receive. We all have tried and/or are members of other groups. Our group does not replace any of them. We simply give everyone a voice and consideration. In this group, if you are open, we will all rise and/or rise above our current condition.

If you are open minded, interested in where this group is headed and want to be a part of where we are growing, come out and experience Having Our Way!

We’d love to have you!

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