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Scientific Talk on Nutrition: Q&A by Jake Manoa Public Library - 2nd floor - Meeting Room 2716 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu, HI 96822 Time: 6:30p.m. to as long as people continue to have questions. Ongoing Future meetings like this are on the 4th MONDAYS of each month. (There might be one or two execptions to that rule for example if the fourth monday is on a holiday or something, for example the 4th monday this year is christmas so we are meeting the monday the week prior to that. So check back) Each month is different! Parking: See the parking garage opening on the left? Pull your car in there and park anywhere inside. Lock your car then go to the main gate and enter the doors and go upstairs to the 2nd floor. Come into the meeting room for the talk. What's it about?: It's a scientific talk on diet and nutrition. But it's a small group around a table where YOU get to ask things about food, health, nutrition, what's good, what's not, and ask things you've always wondered about... Come and learn answers to questions such as: “Is coconut oil good or bad?” ”What's the best diet?” ”How do I lose weight?” “What about protein?” ”Which diet is the most sustainable?” (Red and Orange is BAD. Green and Yellow is GOOD)... “What kind of fat and oil is best to use?” (Light BLUE is the worst, least healthiest oil. If you see a lot of blue don't ingest it.) Learn the latest news and research on the chemistry of food & nutrition! What Foods and Diets are linked to: 1 - Cancer, 2 - Diabetes, 3 - Heart Disease, 4 - Atherosclerosis, 5 - High Blood Pressure, 6 - Gout, Arthritis, 7 - and other diseases...? Which diet is eaten by the centenarians in the BLUEZONES, the areas of greatest longevity that leads longest lifespans in the world? Bring your own questions! You get to interact here and ask your own questions here. If you "heard" something, from a friend, co-worker, etc. or you read about something on the internet on a blog, and were wondering if it was true or not, print it out and bring it with you, including the source, and we will go over it and you can learn if it's true, or if it's a myth, or something from a source that is debunked. This talk focuses on the facts and science and reveals what's on the up & up and what's false. At every talk, multiple people are astonished and surprised to find out that 1 or 2 things they believed turned out to be scientifically incorrect. And were able to see the actual scientific evidence and potentially avoid something they were doing that could have been harmful, and instead now become happier and healthier! You can also enjoy meeting others, and more. Email [masked] to let us know you’re coming if you can. It helps to let us know how many to prepare for. You can just come and show up, but it's nice if you can indicate that you're coming. You can also pre-email your nutrition and diet question and that way we can bring information on it for you to the class. LOCATION: Ok! This sounds great!! Where is it? Where do I go?? - It's at the Manoa Public Library near UH. Here's Oahu, look at the little RED pin in the lower right... Here you can see a bit closer. Below look for the red pin toward the right center in the satellite map. To get there first go to UH. Go on University Avenue to East Manoa Road until you're almost to Safeway at Manoa Marketplace but before that turn right on Kolowalu street which turns into Woodlawn drive. 2nd Fl. The Library is right next to the Institute for Astronomy. Here you can see a bit more detail on the streets nearby... Hosted by VSH When you're not at the meetup, here are some reputable web sites that you can go to in order to obtain proper scientific information on health, fitness, exercise, food, nutrition and diets: - WWW.NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG - Go here and you can find over 1,000+ videos, all science-based, about all manner of subjects on Nutrition, such as what foods raise your cholesterol, and which foods lower it. What foods are associated with high blood pressure. Which foods that people are eating right now, and even bringing home to feed their own children, thinking they are healthful, have actually been shown linked to cancer. You can just look around, for fun, or, if you have a friend with a particular condition, like high cholesterol, you can type any word into the search box on and all the videos on that topic will come up. Really go to this site, it's that good. - WWW.VSH.ORG - Go there and you can find not only information on other scientific talks, but also an entire repository of nearly 100 or more scientific lectures from tons of well-known experts on diet and nutrition. Go to that lecture live every month, or, view tons of the past ones! Unlike a fiction book club, things like this, since there is information regarding various diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, Health, etc, could save your life, or the life of someone you know. That's why it's not only fun to learn, but also important to know this. Everyone will be there!

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Aloha! Oahu Fruitluck (now part of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, the new organizer of this meetup) events continue to be announced here. VSH events on various islands are also announced, plus other vegan events that follow our VSH mission to promote human health, animal rights and protection of the environment by means of vegetarian (whole food, plant-based vegan) education. The name of each event starts with its island location (Big Island is used for the island of Hawaii to prevent confusing it with the state of Hawaii).

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