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hello fellow amateur or wannabe musicians. i'm a 62 amateur guitar player who would like to jam with other amateur musicians. I would like to assemble a group of like minded individuals who would like to get together and jam. the music i'm mostly interested in is hard rock. bands like black sabbath, deep purple, ac/dc, led zeppelin, ccr, the doors, etc. i'm also open to pop and music to date. basically three or four chords songs that's easy to play with others. not looking to play the songs note for note but just get together have fun and jam. I would like to set up this group, get to know each other, bounce around ideas, get common songs we like and eventually rent rehearsal time at studios in either elmsford(Lagond studio) or (Highline studio) in thornwood. or a studio anybody else suggests. the main theme is to jam and have fun and not be intimidated by really good players. professional and musicians with big egos, please don't join this group and go annoy your fellow musicains.

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