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The Hawthorne Diabetes group provides a platform for people to share their experiences with diabetes, including pre-diabetes, newly diagnosed, long-term complications, and care-givers for both Type I and Type II diabetes.

This group is led by a medical nutritionist and certified diabetes educator with over 20 years in practice. It is a place where people can explore their discoveries and frustrations, as well as their uncertainties in a supportive environment. We recognize that diabetes can be a lot of work and there is no shame or blame involved.

Intention of the group: - to help people learn how to listen to their bodies and to recognize body wisdom - providing tools to develop the skills to manage diabetes well using kindness and self compassion During these gatherings, we will: - Check-in (what’s going well for each person and what you may be struggling with) - Discussion based on check-ins - Presentation of idea from group coordinator - Discussion about the idea/topic of the month - Hand-outs included - Brief mention of next month’s topic

Learn more about the Meetup group leader at http://www.3peachesnutrition.com

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