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A group dedicated to headless commerce and relevant 'dos and don'ts', 'hows and whys', 'ifs and buts'. This group facilitates useful debate and conversations for technical and architecture decision makers, developers and testers, devops engineers and technical project managers working in the headless commerce space.

If you are engaged in either looking at the value propostion or delivering headless commerce then this group is for you. It will be technical but not exclusively, It will be tech agnostic but will look at and contrast different tech solutions as we pool experience, ideas and success stories. We will be inviting speakers from retailers and others delivering headless commerce solutions.

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A conversation with MACH ALLIANCE VP, Sonia Kotrotsos

Online event

Registration for this event is done through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-conversation-with-mach-alliance-vp-sonia-kotrotsos-registration-113091838734 Please note: The meeting link and password will be sent as part of your Eventbrite confirmation email. The Headless Meetup is moving online. We will be holding our first online Meetup to explore the rise of 'MACH' in conversation with Sonja Kotrosos from the MACH Alliance. What is MACH and why does it matter? Is it just another catchphrase or is it a genuinely useful way of understanding if a technology is fit for purpose within the headless paradigm? The newly formed MACH Alliance is using the phrase MACH compliant to describe tech ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. Is this a meaningful lens to view enterprise technology? If your business is not MACH compliant does it really matter? Or perhaps MACH should be seen as a technology journey as much as a destination? --------------------- About E2X Limited and commercetools: E2X has over 20 years experience delivering omni-channel digital platforms, with an 100% reference-able client base. The company is inspired by how technology and new approaches to business and product design can improve the lives of everyday consumers in an unobtrusive and frictionless way. https://www.e2x.com commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise eCommerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-based solution that reduces complexity and increases both flexibility and speed for omnichannel brands and retailers. https://commercetools.com --------------------- About the guest: The MACH Alliance are a non-profit co-operation here to present and advocate a new, open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. It is founded by commercetools, Contentstack, EPAM Systems and Valtech and has 14 members at launch. The Alliance was formed in June 2020 to help enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape. It aims to guide and show the business advantage of open tech ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. https://machalliance.org/ --------------------- About the evening: 5.00pm: Meetup begins 5.05- 5.15pm: Introduction 5.15 -5.45pm: MACH Alliance conversation 5.45- 6pm: Questions --------------------- We look forward to seeing you on the night!

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