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A monthly self-love appointment to reset and reconnect with your own internal worth, wisdom, and power.

Featuring guided meditation, discussion/group life coaching on a changing topic of soulful relevance every month, and the support of heart-centered people all behind you as we learn to heal and thrive together.

Facilitated by life coach and self-help author Roy Grant. Open to everyone looking to heal, grow, rise to their full potential, and connect with other people of greater depth and higher consciousness. Come as you are and leave with the revitalizing certainty that you – and your life – are precious.

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Keeping Hope Alive

Online event

What do you hold hope for in your life or in the world and how do you keep it alive?

How do we know when to hold on to hope and when it's time to let go, if ever?

What practices can we incorporate in our own lives to help maintain our inner hope as well as our motivation to keep going despite potential external let downs?

Come meditate to connect with the self and take and share in the pool of wisdom as we discuss the above questions and more with a group of like-minded people. Always safe, always kind, always thoughtful, and always because you're precious.

10 minute guided visual meditation on the topic to start, followed by 45 minute soul discussion on the topic, and meditation with affirmations around the topic to close.

Please bring a notebook or journal with you to write down thoughts and breakthroughs that might come up during our time together. You may even wish to give the topic some thought prior to the session and jot down your ideas/questions around the topic to get a better understanding of where you’re at and to get the most out of the experience, but this is entirely up to you!

Once you rsvp, click the zoom link in the event details at the date and time of the event and you will be taken into the meeting.

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Maintaining Our Inner Power

Online event

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