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What if your life could be better after cancer?

What if you could enjoy deeper intimacy, greater abundance, and a sexier healthier you?

Many of us know the cold, hard facts -- that sadly, the effects of cancer don’t simply end when treatment does.

It can be difficult to simply return to your old way of life.

After treatment is finished, your fear that cancer could return can be intense.

Or perhaps you are facing financial hardships from a prolonged loss of income.

You might have complications from multiple surgeries that are making intimacy nearly impossible.

There comes a point where you say ‘I just can’t do it anymore.’

Where do you go to find answers to your challenges? Who do you turn to that will compassionately understand all that you’ve gone through?

Well, now you can breathe...

You won’t have to suffer alone in silence anymore.

Beating cancer shouldn’t force you into financial debt.

Nor should it impact your career, your job, OR your relationship.

We would like to share how you can feel beautiful again in your own skin AND rekindle your love life after cancer.

What’s more, we would like to show you how you can take back your finances after undergoing treatment.

You can find REAL answers here from those who have walked in your shoes. Even if cancer has changed the way you look. Even if your doctors swear you’re not going to have a love life after treatment. And even if your out-of-pocket costs have been higher than expected.

Learn how to make peace with your body, deeply connect with your partner (even it feels like forever since you felt sparks between the two of you). Plus, you'll discover ways to powerfully shift your relationship with money.

After all, isn’t it time to fall in love with yourself and your life again after cancer?

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Reinvent Yourself After Cancer

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The biggest loss most women feel after undergoing a traumatic event like cancer is a loss of identity. The big questions they ask are, "Who am I now that I’ve lost all my hair?" And, "How do I reconnect with lost parts of myself after undergoing chemo/surgery/radiation?" I understand how you feel… In 2013, I was diagnosed with incurable cancer. My body went through a grueling process of going through intensive surgery and 3 toxic doses of chemo. When my treatment was over, I felt like all the broken pieces of myself were scattered all over the place. It was hard to look at myself in the mirror. The woman I was before cancer no longer existed. I learned how to consistently ask bigger questions... "Who I am becoming now that I've overcome cancer?" And, "What do I want to accomplish with my life now?" I invite you to think bigger. If you've gone through treatment, what you have now is a blank canvas. You can now deliberately create a STUNNING masterpiece. Who is that FIERCELY UNAPOLOGETIC woman inside you? You know she’s there. She was the badass who kicked cancer. She is the one that whispers to you in the middle of the night. She is the woman inside you who knows what she wants in life. And she won’t take no for an answer! She’s been waiting all this time to come out of the closet! I would like to invite you to reinvent yourself from the outside in. I will be sharing how to take the pain of your past and turn it into a beautiful work of art. Starting with your wardrobe. It will be a fashion experience like no other. **Please note that the location is pending.**

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