What we're about

We will be exploring Alexander Technique and its practical application to daily living to mitigate joint, neck and back pain, anxiety and stress. With AT, we can create conditions of nonjudgmental awareness in our thinking body-minds and group dynamic, in which we will foster an environment for learning from and with each other. By learning as a group, we can promote autonomous self care through community support and education, to move, organize, heal, dance and create together.

Regular students are invited to bring musical instruments, tools, or objects associated with any other activity, skill or practice that we can explore using principles of AT.
In addition, we will be reading and discussing excerpts from Tim Ingold’s “Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge, and Desccription” among other texts. Regular students are also encouraged to bring other written material to share with the group related to health and wellness, autonomy, activism, education, environmental awareness, world creation, etc.

No previous experience with AT required, all welcome.

Woodbine is wheelchair accessible, has a gender neutral bathroom. For further questions related to accessibility please feel free to DM or email theagarlid14@gmail.com

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