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Healing the Loss of a Love - Attracting a Healthy and Loving Relationship
• Heal the emotional wounds of past relationships • Transform deep seated patterns of abandonment and rejection • Let go of unhealthy dysfunctional relationships • Develop the ability to remain centered in the core of your being • Become truly loving and accepting of yourself • Develop a warm magnetic presence that will draw others to you • Cultivate inner beauty • Increase your capacity to give and receive love • Attract a healthy and loving partner • Create healthier and more fulfilling relationships • Develop a stronger connection with the higher power • Learn to evolve spiritually through your relationships My friend Sema was telling me about how she had fallen for a man, but he had not called her in some time. Sema told me that she felt this man would come back to her somewhere down the road. Yet she also acknowledged that on another level she was experiencing a fear of loss and that she didn’t feel that there was much hope for the relationship. Sema told me later that evening that she could never seem to hold onto the men that she truly wanted to be with. Sema was obviously strung out on the man, but she was very disconnected from the underlying pain that was driving her. Sema’s head was just spinning in circles as she analyzed everything the man said or did and why he wasn’t with her at that time. I could see that the hurt buried within Sema was keeping her attached to the man in a very unhealthy way… Does this sound familiar? Many of us are struggling to find love. But no matter what we do, love always seems to evade us. I’ve been there myself and I didn’t know if I would ever find the love that I desired. But I persevered because I was very determined to heal and have someone special in my life. I discovered a series of practices that have enabled me to heal the emotional wounds and to develop a magnetic presence. These practices are making it possible for me to attract more loving partners and to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. I have now decided to share these practices and understandings so that others can also create more love and intimacy and to attract someone truly special. Open Your Heart by Healing the Emotional Wounds That Carry Over From Childhood and Past Loves Most of us are still carrying the emotional wounds from our childhood and our past loves. We try to block the hurtful feelings and memories out of our awareness. But these feelings and experiences remain trapped within our body and mind. We then give off a vibe that causes us to attract and become attracted to dysfunctional people who create even more confusion, pain and suffering in our lives. Learn to “digest” the emotional baggage that keeps you trapped in unfulfilling relationships. Transform the deep seated patterns that cause you to attract people who are negative or abusive or who do not have the capacity to truly love you and be present with you. Heal the loss of past loves. Heal the shame and the feelings unworthiness, rejection and abandonment. Become clearer about what you really want in life and in a companion. You will naturally attract and find yourself attracted to healthier people as you heal the wounded parts of yourself. More and more love will flow to you as you begin to experience true love and acceptance for yourself. Working with these practices will make it possible for you to cultivate inner beauty and to develop a presence that is very healing to others. Develop the Kind of Warm Magnetic Presence That Will Attract a Healthy and Loving Partner Many of us have learned to disconnect from our emotions and are not very present within our bodies. The stresses, emotions and life experiences that we fail to digest accumulate within our body and mind. These stagnant energies and emotions can extinguish our inner fire and passion. Stagnant energies decrease our desirability which makes us less attractive to others. A body that if full of vital life force is infinitely more desirable. Become powerfully present while remaining centered within the core of your being. Exude warmth, passion, sensuality and desire. Develop Your Intuition and Sensory Awareness Heightened intuition and sensory awareness lets us know when it is safe for us to open up to another person. It helps us to understand where people are coming from. Our intuition also guides us to the people that we are meant to be with. Use Your Relationships to Evolve Spiritually Healing the hurts and resolving the issues awakens the part of the soul that resides within your body. Awakening your body-mind will enable you to develop a stronger connection with your higher self and the universal consciousness. Develop Chi Power Many systems of Chinese martial arts emphasize the development of the dan tien, which is our base of power in the lower abdomen. You will learn specific chi gong practices that will enable you to continually cultivate the chi/shakthi in the dan tien. Developing Chi Power enables you to create a powerful magnetic presence that draws others to you. Create Healthier and More Fulfilling Relationships Relationships have a way of bringing our core issues to the surface. Buried emotions and unresolved issues create barriers between ourselves and others. Our love grows stronger and our understanding deepens as we learn to “digest” our emotions, resolve important issues and express our feelings and needs in a healthy way. Ben was drawn to indigenous cultures from an early age and found himself living among the Kiowa Tribe in Oklahoma at the age of seventeen. He began his training with Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional doctor (medicine man) among the Kiowa Tribe. Ben went on to study with Chinese Master Li Tai Liang. He continues to train intensively in the Chinese systems of xin yi, bagua, tai chi and chi gong. Please go to or call (913)[masked] for more information I'm working out in the field much of the time and I have very limited access to the internet. Please call me at (913)[masked] if you have any questions and are interested in attending. I will be happy to answer any questions that you have about how you can heal from the loss of a love and develop a more attractive presence. Let me know in advance about your individual needs and concerns and we will address these issues during class. Sign up for my free email course at Please go to and click on the LIKE button at the top of the page to join the community and gain access to new articles.

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