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The purpose of our meetup is to share knowledge to heal ourselves wholistically from whatever ails us, to encourage each other towards optimal health and longevity. We seek permanent solutions by healing the root cause of our ailments so they won't return, and then maintain a healthy lifestyle for mind, body, and spirit. Our meetups are strictly designed for critical thinking do-it-yourselfers. Medical information will not be given. Alternative practitioners and Truth seekers are encouraged to join IF your health is a top priority and you are serious about taking action to improve your health.

Meetups will be at least monthly and if we create a Mastermind accountability subgroup we may even meet weekly.

Contrary to what is posted on our meetup home page, we’re rarely 'based' in Wixom. (Wixom was selected because it is somewhat central to the southeast Michigan area.) In fact, our meetups could be anywhere. Do you want to have a meetup near you? Then suggest a location to us.

Responsibilities of Membership: By joining our meetup group you accept full Responsibility for your own actions, or lack of actions, as the case may be. We reserve the right to decline or remove anyone from membership for any reason. We are a public outreach meetup related to health self-reliance. It is up to each

of us as responsible self-reliant adults to encourage and help each other build

our community.

Disclaimers: Each member assumes full responsibility for deciding if each presenter or member meets their own standards of people they deem fit to teach them the knowledge/skills. All meetups posted are for educational and skill building purposes only. The information shared and techniques presented or practiced have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The organizer pays meetup nearly $200 yearly from her own pocket and she plans to continue to do so for those who desire to share her aspirations to live beyond the age of 100 with full mobility, vitality, cognition, eyesight, and joy. Contributions are gratefully accepted. Questions? call Chriss at 248 330-6428/cell

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Lyon Township Public Library

With this Survival Health presentation we will discuss resources, organization & planning to optimize health NOW. It is way past time to learn how to become SELF-RELIANT with our healthcare, and heal ourselves now, while we have resources, before it's too late.

• Learn how to optimize your health for longevity with full vitality, mobility, cognition and joy.
• Do diet and nutrition really matter?
* What is a simple test to determine your overall health level and What is your real age?
• What is the cause of ALL Disease.
* IF you have no pain, does that mean you're Healthy?
* Can you make your own medicines?
• Optimal health includes mental & emotional health as well.
• Become physically fit NOW to endure and thrive post-Disaster.

+ you can sign-up to attend regular mastermind meetups to be accountable for optimizing your health.

Presenter is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, doctorate student at the Naturopathic school in Mt Pleasant, organic gardener, BFA advocate, forager, herbalist, survivalist, and Thoughtapy practitioner.


For questions, contact Chriss,[masked], [masked]

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Muscle Testing class - level 1

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