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Connecting to Consciousness: DNA Activation Initiation
DNA activation is an initiation, a process in which we can connect back to our original persona. In this class you will learn how to disconnect from the false identities that you have created from observation, learning, and emotional trauma, and to re-connect to your true identity or original persona that contains all the programs, information, and guidance that you were originally created to become and manifest in the physical form. I will share my personal experience in the process of DNA activation and will stimulate your own connection to get you started on this path of awareness and elevation of consciousness. Come meet me in person and enjoy this enlightening seminar to start your new year with a whole new perception of yourself and of your life purpose. Cost: $65 - Register here: Bring comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor. Please arrive by 5:15. The space is called DEN Meditation, in La Brea Ave, Los Angeles CA.

The Den Meditation

360 S La Brea Ave. 90036 · Los Angeles, CA