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HEALING ARTS is a group for people interested in all types of healing modalities, including Pranic Healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, Psychic Development, Crystals and Essential oils. The primary goal is to get people together who want to continue learning new techniques and hone their skills. We will be meeting regularly for group healings, meditations, and to practice healings and readings. Every month look for workshops in different modalities, such as psychic development, reading the Akashic Records, crystals, and more.

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POSTPONED - Learn to Read Akashic Records for Yourself and Others

Blue Pearl Healing and Yoga

POSTPONED - New dates will be confirmed shortly. Learn to Read Akashic Records for Yourself and Others Have you ever wished that you had a reliable method that could help and guide you through life’s challenges and your soul’s purpose, or someone to help you figure out and release patterns that no longer serve you? The Akashic Records are the energetic and infinite archive of individual soul information that is accessible and available, anytime, anywhere and to anyone. In this experiential 2 day course you will learn: * How to access and retrieve and interrupt information in the Akasha * Feel how words and energy create transformation and healing * Receive an Initiation and experience your connection to your Masters teacher and loved one * Experience a reliable and effective method to move in and out of the Records * Learn and guideline to safely navigate your process * How to formulate effective questions The Akashic Records have been an invaluable, loving and compassionate resource for Christine’s growth and transformation process. She wants to share it with you to empower you to connect to this unlimited resource. Please bring journal, water, snacks you enjoy, and an open mind. Christine VanCoughnett, Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner

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